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Syria Only Has One Legitimate Army

As Russian airstrikes flush out CIA-backed terrorists Syrians find their 'conspiracy theories' about US mercenaries are fact

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It was a good week for Syrians. It wasn't just that Russia finally 'stumped up' when their backs were to the wall - defying the doubters within and the tricksters abroad who said Moscow would do a deal with the West and abandon them. What has surely boosted Syrians' spirits more is to finally have their conspiracy 'theories' proven by their enemy's own admission. For four and a half years they had kept the faith, supporting their President and Army, while the Western world besieged them with every war game and mind game in its repertoire.

But it's necessary to explain, because as usual our own leaders and their servile media threw up some remarkable deceptions when their double game in Syria was exposed. Taking the West at its word that it was trying to destroy Islamic State terrorists, (though evidently not trying very hard), Russia joined in the fight following Syria's invitation, and then proudly displayed its successes in destroying multiple terrorist targets with US-style 'drones-eye' videos. The American reaction to the strikes was illuminating, though that light wasn't capable of penetrating the dark forest of Western media. While Syrians discovered that the stories about the CIA training 10,000 'rebel fighters' in Jordan over the last several years were not just some 'conspiracy theory', as Russia's bombs uncovered them in surprising places, Western audiences barely noticed America's big lie.

It's not as though the massive support to insurgent groups by the CIA has been exactly a secret, even being revealed publicly by a loose-tongued Joe Biden, yet all the while the White House - presumably connected in some way with its own intelligence agency - has maintained that it is 'reluctant to supply arms to 'rebels' in case they fall into the wrong hands'. This has then become the only narrative in Western media, and in the minds of its audience. They would never think or suggest, as some might, that these weapons are already in the wrong hands even before they leave the US, nor that selling them to Saudi Arabia constitutes putting US weapons into the wrong hands either. (reportedly Saudi Arabia bought over 13,000 anti-tank missiles from the US in 2013, some of which are now being used by the Saudi-Turkish backed 'terrorist' Army of Conquest against the Syrian Arab Army's new Russian assisted offensive)

It seems bizarre that commentators and authorities in the West can even countenance the idea that such a direct or indirect arming of an insurrection against a sovereign state could be justified or legal. Claims under the newly concocted and expedient doctrine of 'responsibility to protect' can surely only justify weapons for self-defence, which can hardly apply to jihadist mercenaries 'defending themselves' from the Syrian army, while launching car-bombs and missiles at the communities the army is protecting. Indeed it is ironically that army which could cite 'responsibility to protect' Syrian citizens as a justifiable pretext to kill or capture these terrorists.

Sadly, perhaps tragically for Syria, there is little sign that the organisers of the 'Syrian conspiracy' ( and it is now clear that's what it is) intend to give up on their goals and give in to Russia's strategic dominance until they are forced to. Every day sees some new propaganda tactic or military or political development. Within a day of Russia's cruise missiles striking where it hurt, 'the West' came up with a new ruse - 'Islamic state forces had advanced towards Aleppo because Russia had bombed the 'rebel forces' who had been keeping them at bay'! This turned out to be a double lie, because those 'moderate rebels' have actually been immoderately bombarding Aleppo's residents and fighting the Syrian army, and reportedly had 'allowed' IS to take over some territory to the north. But with this as a pretext, the White House announced that the US would now just be going for the 'equip' part of its 'train and equip' program supplying weapons directly to 'vetted leaders' of insurgent groups. (as one of the 'deflections' suggested above, the US had made much of the failure of this program, and how 'only 4 or 5' or its 'moderate rebels' remained on the battlefield, out of the non-covert training program)  Although the new assitance to 'opposition forces' was nominally about fighting ISIS, the rhetoric was that they would also be fighting 'Assad', 'because he is a greater threat to Syrians'!

All this is only part of a bigger 'lie', because 'Islamic State' is actually present thoughout Syria and fighting alongside other terrorist groups against the Syrian army and its allies. ( Witness a missile attack on the Russian consulate in Damascus, claimed by IS today, protesting against Russia's bombing campaign while Syrians demonstrated in support of it)

As Vladimir Putin observed - Syria only has one legitimate army, and it's as simple as that. Why can't we understand something so simple, and why do we continue to be fooled by our leaders as they ruthlessly advance the Syrian regime change project, regardless of the cost to innocent Syrian lives?

In a second part to this story I'll look back on the origins of the Syrian armed insurrection, and the signs of its planning long before March 2011.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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