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State Dept Stooges Caught in Yet ANOTHER Lie (Video)

Russia and Syria are determined to liberate Aleppo from the Islamic terror group Al Nusra. But the US State Deparment is in such a panic about it their feckless spokesmen once more got tangled up in a web of their own lies

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Russian and Syrian forces have stepped up their assaults on the Islamic terrorist-held city of Aleppo. Apparently that doesn't sit well with the global defenders of freedom and democracy.

According to spokesman John Kirby, terrorist control of Aleppo is a better option than liberation by Assad's forces backed by Russia.

Washington has bestowed on itself the title of world cop. How dare these Russian vigilantes take the law into their own hands? Don't they know those terrorists are our clients?

How dare the internationally recognized legal government of Syria try to stop a barbaric western-backed Islamic insurgency on its own territory? Do they think they are a sovereign state or something? Didn't they see what happened when Serbia tried that back in '99? 

Well bad news for Washington. It's a new century, and there's a new sheriff in town. 

Although a US Defense Department spokesman had earlier confirmed Aleppo was held by Al Nusra terrorists, evidently the State Department never got the memo. 

So John Kirby and Mark Toner did what they do best (err....worst) -- they just made up bullcrap on the spot, hoping nobody would notice. 

Sorry guys, but the tape doesn't lie (unlike you). 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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