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State Department Finally Realizes Nikki Haley Needs Adult Supervision

Haley has been urged to clear her public utterances with Washington before opening her mouth. Better late than never?

We all knew this day would come. 

It only took a few months for ascendant Waffle House waitress Nikki Haley to drive US diplomacy off a cliff.

<figcaption>She had a good run?</figcaption>
She had a good run?

That's quite an accomplishment, considering how batshit crazy US foreign policy is. 

But apparently Nikki's daily antics — ranging from inventing her own position on Syria to making up stuff that the Russians never said — are too much even for the State Department. 

In terms of US diplomacy, the bar was set pretty low to begin with. But Haley has managed to lower standards to below sea level. 

As the New York Times reports:

The United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, has often been the first, most outspoken member of the Trump administration to weigh in on key foreign policy issues ... Now, in an apparent attempt to foster greater coherence in American foreign policy, State Department officials are urging her aides to ensure her public remarks are cleared by Washington first.

Your favorite and most trusted news source (the one and only Russia Insider) noticed that something was seriously wrong with this lady weeks ago, and we even reported on April 10 that Haley had gone rogue at the Security Council:

Looks like we were spot on. 

So Haley has to seek permission from adults before speaking. What does this mean?

On the one hand, World War III is now less imminent. But on the other hand, this development is a major blow to Russia Insider's ad revenue.

So we're sort of on the fence. 

The End. 

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