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Soros NGOs Aided CIA Operations in Balkans and Moldova Region

The same CIA-Soros cooperation can be seen today in the promotion of radical Wahhabist Islam

This article originally appeared at Infowars

A former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine service officer revealed to WMR that the CIA worked closely with George Soros-financed non-governmental organizations in the former Yugoslavia to ensure the power of Serbians was limited and the influence of Muslims, some with ties to global jihadism and organized crime, was advanced.

The CIA cooperated with Soros operatives in Banja Luka, the capital of the Srpska Republic, now a constituent part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The admission that the CIA worked together with Soros is noteworthy since previous reports of Soros-CIA cooperation have all been dismissed as baseless “conspiracy theories.”

According to our source, the CIA-Soros operations in Banja Luka were primarily aimed at marginalizing the influence of the pro-nationalist Serbian media and promoting “liberal” Serbian media operations opposed to uniting Bosnian Serbs with their kin in the Republic of Serbia, then a constituent part of Yugoslavia.

The chief target of the CIA-Soros media operations were “hardline areas” of Bosnia-Herzegovina, meaning Serbian nationalist strongholds.

Chief Bosnian Serb media targets were “Srpski Glas” magazine and Banja Luka SRT (Bosnian Serb TV).

Much of the Soros funding for the CIA media influence campaign was routed through Bosnian Serb banks acquired by Soros.

These included Pionir of Banja Luka, Nest-Bank of Laktasi, Prior-Bank of Brcko, Jozo-Comerce of Cacak, and the Resavsa Bank of Despotovac, all in the Bosnian Serb Republic.

Soros and the CIA also set about to rebuild mosques in Banja Luka and its surroundings destroyed in the civil war.

The Soros Media Center funded the independent Srpska Republic’s “Nezavisno udruzenje novinara Republika Srpske,” a Soros-aligned publishing house in Banja Luka.

Based on the revelations from the former CIA officer, these and other media and influence operations, although financed by Soros, were directed by the CIA.

Other chief recipients of Soros/CIA-USAID assistance in the Srpska Republic included, in addition to the above mentioned “Nezavisne Novine,” Reporter Magazine, ATV-Banja Luka, PAN Radio, PANAROMA Magazine, Ekstra Magazine, Radio Jungle, and Radio NES, all based in Banja Luka.

Outside of the republic’s capital, the Soros-CIA team funded Radio Pegaz in Trebinje, Radio Osvit in Zvornik, Radio Magic in Milici, Radio Palma in Bratunac, and Radio HIT in the neutral city of Brcko.

The joint CIA-Soros media operations were masked under two programs run by the CIA-directed U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

These were the Balkans Transition Initiative and the Bosnian Transition Initiative.

These would later serve as templates for similar operations in the majority Albanian province of Kosovo that propelled the province to independence as a virtual U.S. and NATO colony and the demonization of the Serbian media in the northern part of Kosovo.

The encouragement by the CIA and Soros also led to the radicalization of Muslim population sectors of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the neighboring Muslim majority Serbian region of Sandjak, remaining Muslim pockets in the Republic Srpska, and Albanian regions of Macedonia and Montenegro.

The same CIA-Soros cooperation can be seen today in the promotion of radical Wahhabist Islam in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Libya, and other countries.

The roots of this unholy alliance of the CIA, Soros, and Wahhabists has its roots in the media and propaganda operations in the former Yugoslavia and the Bill Clinton administration.

The Soros-CIA operation in Bosnia and Banja Luka eventually brought to Bosnian Serbian audiences TV Pink, which introduced the Serbian version of the U.S. reality “junk TV” show, “Big Brother.”

Other TV Pink offerings, in keeping with Soros’s and the CIA’s promotion of destabilizing non-traditional life styles, presented homosexuality and bisexuality in a positive light.

Soros’s propaganda operations constantly advance life style agendas anathema to Eastern and Southeastern European Orthodox and Catholic populations and champion the activities of such sexual deviants at FEMEN, Pussy Riot, and the transvestite music star Conchita Wurst.

The Soros-CIA media influence operation would not end with the Srpska Republic and Kosovo.

The same alliance created new “country plans” for Moldova and the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Republic, both of which were visited by our CIA source in order to advance the Soros-funded opposition to pro-Russian media.

Instead of Serbs being demonized, in Moldova and Transnistria it was, and continues to be, the Russians who are the target of the Soros and CIA disinformation and destabilization experts.

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