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Sooner or Later ISIS Will Go After the US

The US strategy of creating conflict belts around their ‘partnership zones’ is bound to backfire


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author, Anatoly Nesmiyan, is Russia’s leading expert on the Middle East, known as blogger El Murid

Terror attacks in Brussels post the same old questions again, but there’s still no answer.

<figcaption>The bell tolls for thee</figcaption>
The bell tolls for thee

In fact, Islamists are responding to the war declared by the ‘civilized world’. But the ‘civilized world’ created the terrorists  

First, by ruining the former balance in the Middle East and make millions of marginalized people vulnerable to the Wahhabist ideology. Then the middle classes of entire states were threatened with disappearance. This breeding ground resulted in a new organization of Muslim states that were now not only struggling to survive, but for a place in the sun. 

The implicit war of the West against the terrorists shows it is unprepared for a real confrontation. It’s one thing to bomb helpless victims from a safe altitude, but it’s quite a different thing to have war on your own territory. The free movement of people and things that gave western civilization a competitive advantage, has destroyed the very basis of its safety. Militants moving freely through Europe now have Europe in a net that is becoming a frontline. 

This was inevitable: people with guns don’t have a chance against aircraft; Europeans don’t have a chance against suicide bombers in subways and airports. It’s a strategic dead-end. The logic of the gunmen is simple and clear: if they can’t win, the Europeans will have to negotiate. The harder they press ISIS, the more terror attacks they will get.

So far this doesn’t concern the US, they watch what’s happening from their overseas haven. Perhaps - even likely - they are directing the actions of both.

This is part of its strategy to create catastrophic areas around their ‘Partnerships’ forcing  Europe to close itself off from the southern ‘barbarians’,  including Russia and China. 

The question is how long the USA will be able to sit it out overseas. They are playing with fire – i.e., ideology. If the Islamists win, or at least don’t lose, many people will go from sympathizing with them seeing them as winners, whether it’s true or not. And if this happens, the US will be ISIS next target. It’s just a matter of time. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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