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A Son of the Caucasus Gives His Life for Mother Russia (Video)

Magomed Nurbagandov, a policeman from Dagestan, was executed by local Islamic terrorists. The video was found two months after his murder

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is editor of the Toronto based Komsomolskaya Pravda - Canada newspaper

Before dying, he called on his fellow policemen: “Work, brothers…”

The video of the last minutes of the Dagestani policeman, highlights several feats, personal, professional and civil. The non-ethnic Russian Muslim gave his life for Russian ideals and modern society in Dagestan.

His death deserves more media scrutiny. How much blood and sweat Russia shed for it to be possible to say: “The Caucasus are with us!”  Not just in terms of location but with heart and soul. And now we see bitter, but at the same sweet fruits: a citizen of the Caucasus gives his life for Russia.

I watched the Immortal Regiment parade in Kabardino-Balkaria last spring on the Internet. Women brought their children, dressed in military uniform, with St. George ribbons. The Caucasus exulted when its sportsmen won golden medals at the Olympics in Rio, and not only because of the victory of their countrymen. They were proud of the fact that small mountain peoples could contribute to the glory of Russia. They danced in the streets, laughed and cried, and I recalled Putin’s words about Russian Muslims: “They are not migrants. They are our citizens. They don’t have any other Motherland. They consider Russia as their Motherland”.  

The West demonizes Muslims, and top officials do their best to drive a wedge between Christian and Muslim civilizations. Russia and its president  tell a different story, and the West needs to notice Russia’s ability to have good relations between large and small peoples, maintaining inter-religious peace.

In the last two decades, dozens of Caucasus citizens died fighting Wahhabi terrorists. They deserve praise for choosing Russia over their coreligionists, who got on the wrong path.  This is the result of the blood shed by Russian soldiers in the fight for the integrity of Russia and the life of the Caucasian peoples, free from Taliban and al-Qaeda.

His body was brought to his knees by force. But the soul of Magomed Nurbagandov stood tall.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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