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Solid St. Petersburg Analysis: Putin Would Nail-Bomb His Own Mother, Says Crazy Lady You Can Trust

Putin nail-bombed his hometown, just like he slit Churkin's throat, says a deeply troubled British lady who was actually published by the New York Times

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Yorkshire pudding-brains Louise Mensch, known in polite society as Russia Insider's secret internet girlfriend, has offered up a very predictable and eloquent Twitter analysis of today's tragedy in St. Petersburg. 

Does it involve Putin? Yes. 

<figcaption>A real gem</figcaption>
A real gem

Does it involve Putin blowing up people with impunity to "serve his own ends", like a Batman villain? Yes. 

Does it also include Putin exploding Vitaly Churkin's heart? Of course. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Louise Mensch:

She's too crazy even for the Moscow Times (no offense, Moscow Times):


We wrote her Twitter bio, by the way:



Bless her little heart. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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