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Sodomites from Cuck Island (aka England) Plan Mass Invasion of Russia for World Cup

Why won’t they take no for an answer?


This summer I’m joining around 10,000 other England fans in Russia to cheer on the Three Lions.

After clashes between England and Russia fans during Euro 2016, we’re all going to have to have our wits about us.

But, because I’m gay, I’m going to have to be extra careful.

LGBT+ fans have been told they face extra risks in Russia because of the country’s attitudes to homosexuality.

Newsflash: everyone hates homos. Russia just doesn’t ruin your life for expressing that perfectly natural sentiment…for now.

Look at these homos, they’re going somewhere where they aren’t wanted. 

Before the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave assurances that gay people wouldn’t be discriminated against.

He hasn’t given those same assurances this time around.

Maybe because Putin is tired of their BS. Maybe we all are. Maybe there’s other things that people care about when it comes to the World Cup.

It does make me on edge that he hasn’t addressed it – and it does make you wonder if his views and opinions have changed, or whether or not he actually cares about it.

The World Cup’s anti-discrimination chief Alexei Smertin tried to reassure minorities, saying people will feel “safe and comfortable”.

And they’re proud of this. They’re proud of being transgressive. Proud of getting in people’s faces and then demanding to be praised for it.

We're so sick of this.

They get all up in your face with their gay and it just never ends.

We as a people are being held hostage to the whims of fundamentally irrational people. People that don’t know when enough is enough. People that will never have enough. It’s in their nature to search out the next boundary to transgress. There is no point that we can arrive at where they’re suddenly pleased and content and willing to just shut up.

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