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The So-Called 'Bellingcat' Is a Western MSM Shill Posing as an Alternative Truth Crusader

Financially-strapped independent crusader just happens to be recommended personally by the head of NATO. Uh-huh, yeah. Sure. Makes sense.

This article originally appeared at DeepResource

The blogger Elliot Higgins conveys an image of a goody chap...


…who lives somewhere in a modest flat and spends all his time to find out the truth behind the headlines, by merely using his brain, laptop and internet connection. A fine pro bono example of civic journalism in action. Every now and then he tears himself away from his laptop screen to feed his cat, rock the cradle of his third child or go to the supermarket to buy coffee and a can of soup and pays for it with coins, not bank notes. Elliot Higgins has one passion in life and that is the truth and people in general are more inclined to believe a British nerd than representatives of the Ukrainian secret service or the CIA.

And all the mainstream media in the world are using his ‘research’ to add credibility to their own news casting, because the MSM realize very well that the internet is used by many as an alternative source of information with a reputation that on the internet ‘real unfiltered information’ can be found. Higgins claims that he gets his modest funds via crowd sourcing, a method recommended by none other than NATO chieftain Philippe Breedlove:

Breedlove in his tweet directly links to Eliot Higgins. Isn’t it nice to receive support from such a high level?


Let’s cut the crap. Higgins is not an unconnected loner with a strange hobby at all. He is part of the The London Project Investigation media network, a partnership of hackers and journalists of the Financial Times. Additionally there exists ties to the much greater OCCRP, The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. Officially a research project concerning organized crime, but in reality an anti-Russian information database. The OCCRP is sponsored by organisations as theThe Open Society of the speculator George Soros.

Another sponsor is the very governmental US NGO and CIA front US Aid.

Here is our nerd on an Atlantic Council sponsored trip to Kiev, representing western interest pure and simple.

Here Higgins admits openly that he works with the Atlantic Council. There is nothing ‘independent’ about Higgins. Note that ’60-minutes Australia’ refers to Higgins (here as a ‘Geo-location expert’) like all western media do, hardening the hypothesis that all major western media are soft-controlled from the same center (read: CIA)

Seriously, would you buy a Brooklyn bridge from this 2nd hand car salesman?

Higgins’ work concerning the alleged Syrian government use of poison gas and now the Buk-centered explanation of the downing of MH17 all serve US-UK interests. Higgins is a propaganda organ of the western media and interests.

[] – Het machtige ‘open society’ netwerk achter de eenvoudige blogger Bellingcat #MH17

Higgins is an Anglo professional Putin hater, the latter being the great saboteur of the NWO and that doesn’t sit too well with our global imperialist wannabees.

Bad Leon Trotsky imitation & open society monger George Soros.
Wants 7+ billion people to pay him interest on money he prints out of thin air.

Very detailed German analysis of the work of Eliot Higgins by former public prosecutor Gabriele Wolff:
[part 1]
[part 2]
[part 3]
[part 4]

Eliot Higgins debunked in 2nd part of this article (from “Fifty Shades of Brown“):
[] – There Goes the Guardian, Lying About Ukraine…Again!

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