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Smoke Pours from Russian Consulate as Secrets Burn - Firemen Rush to Scene

Russian diplomats began torching evidence shortly after the US announced it would search the San Francisco premises with almost no advance warning.

Scroll to the bottom of the article for more great spy vs. spy hijinks from the RI archives. You won't believe it!

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Welp, it's spy vs. spy in San Francisco, as the US spy-catchers, - that would be the FBI, as anyone watching 'The Americans' will know - close in on their Russian prey.

Events took a comical turn this afternoon when the Russians created so much smoke from incinerating golly-knows-what in the fireplace, usually the scene of cozy vodka sing-alongs, that alarmed neighbors called the fire department - who rushed to the scene.

<figcaption>They're busy burning Trump's official KGB recruiting papers, and loans agreements for Mar a Lago ...</figcaption>
They're busy burning Trump's official KGB recruiting papers, and loans agreements for Mar a Lago ...

But the embassy employees told the brave first responders they couldn't come in, that everything was under control, just a little evidence destruction, all in a day's work for Russia's finest.


This mad scramble to clear out is not just because the US suddenly announced they were going to do a flash search, but also because the diplomats are getting kicked out on short notice - they have to be out by tomorrow, and were only given a couple days notice.

That's not very diplomatic - they could have given a couple weeks notice at least.

Drats, they got away again! Stan Beeman, the FBI agent who never notices the Russian spies right under his nose in 'The Americans'

No doubt there was a lot of stuff that had to be torched, hard drives to be smashed and acid-washed Hillary-style, that sort of thing.  Zerohedge has some insight into the situation:

It remains to be determined if the NYT or the WaPo will report some time around 7pm on Friday, citing unnamed NSA/CIA/Deep State sources, that among the items burned were Donald Trump's official KGB recruiting papers, videotapes of the president enjoying golden showers from Russian hookers and, of course, a first lien on the US granted to Vladimir Putin.

We wonder if they'll leave empty beer cans lying around, like the Americans did when they were bounced out of their Russian digs a few weeks ago:



At least no one got beat up, like this American spy who got his ass whupped by this Russian guard as he tried to rush past him:



Here's a great Russian TV news segment showing how the Russian spy-catchers nabbed some pretty dopey American male spies dressed as chicks, wigs an all:




And this is quite extraodinary -  here is Putin speaking to his deep undercover agents in the US - and yes, he has a ton of them there, 'cause when all those Russians emmigrated to the US when the USSR collapsed, the Russians made sure to send over a lot of them in the mix. 




There it is ladies and gentleman. You thought 'The Americans' is pure fiction? Not in the least. The truth is even better.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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