The Silence of the Lamb

Clinton shows she's Caesar. She can silence anyone.

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The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York City

Who would have thought it possible? Julian was such a fighter. He was so fast on his feet. He made me think of Muhammad Ali. The way he could "float like a butterfly" and "sting like a bee."

Yet I never saw him get enraged. I never saw him lose control. No matter how savagely he was treated, he would always respond in a calm, rational way. "A splendid Judoka," Putin would say. He was like Putin--so quietly brave.

See how I lapse into the past tense already? As though he's dead. He's not, they say. But his voice is gone. That voice that flowed like a clear mountain stream from a place of quiet self-confidence in him. That voice will not return.

In time-- perhaps today-- more likely after the election-- another Julian Assange will be heard from. And he may have important things to say. We shall see.

But it will be not Julian the fighter. It will not be Muhammad Ali. For he put his faith in this man...

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, to defend his right to speak truth to power--no matter the level of threat to Correa or his country.

Can you believe it? Julian actually thought that! Or he would have never been so cocky. And if there is one thing Hill despises, it's a real man who's "cocky"-- starting with Bill. But Julian still had no fear. Not with Correa watching his back! He could drop his grenades in Hill's path from early fall to the end of October. And he thought that Hill would be powerless to stop him.

Cause he had Ecuadorian asylum!

I think that Correa's initial, "ballsy" offer of asylum to Assange really went to both their heads. They were like two adolescent boys-- pumping up each others "egos" (in the popular sense)-- till they both felt invincible. At least that's how Julian acted. As if he had a Putin to protect him. Against a woman who CREDITED HERSELF with Qaddafi being raped to death with a hard bayonet? She probably had her name stamped on the blade.

All Kerry needed to do was show Correa the "snuff" film that was made for Hill of Gaddafi's mutilation-murder for him to crumple before she/he Caesar.

What did Kerry tell Correa to do?

Not just disconnect Julian from the internet till after the election, I'd guess. If it had just been that, we would have heard from Julian by now-- some way, somehow-- quietly, rationally protesting what was done to him in terms of a direct assault on free speech. In short, he'd still have his balls. But that voice is clearly gone.

Now there is only silence. Dead silence. From him and those around him.

It's sadly obvious, I'm afraid. This courageous journalist has been frightened to death. Spiritually so.

And what could frighten him so? The prospect of his own actual death, I suspect. More specifically, the vision that Ecuador would end his asylum. Which would mean that Britain would swiftly extradite him to Sweden. Which would quickly question him and conclude that the sex he had engaged in so long ago was indeed consensual and that he was therefore free to go... to Guantanamo. Or wherever else President Clinton would determine he should go. There to be secretly waterboarded till he confessed to capital espionage. And if he won't confess to that, then he'll be given as fair a trial as Chelsea Manning received. With a certain verdict of death.

That's the only threat, I think, that could cut up a fighter like Assange from the inside(Such is her Satanic knowledge.)

So how will it end?

I suspect that Assange has been made the offer that if he destroys the most damning emails and keeps his mouth shut for the rest of his life about being threatened, and then goes back to doing whatever he was doing before he became a whistleblower, no charges of "rape" will be filed against him (not that there was any evidence of such a "crime" in the first place); and perhaps the charges of espionage will be dropped too.

Or maybe not. Clinton has expressed such a strong desire to kill Assange, after all. And you know how this gal with secret cojones "gets off" on having a real man killed at her command. Just look at how she "got off" at the news of Gaddafi's anal mutilation murder.

She really thinks she's The Second Coming of Julius Caesar! And then she was only Secretary of State. As President she will be Caesar. And she'll be able to order anyone's death. Even an American. Obama has seen to that. And Assange is not even that. He's an Australian. That is, an untermensch, geographically. And a personal enemy of Hell-bound Hill-- many times over. Gaddafi she didn't even hate.

Caesar will be crowned!

With every network, every pundit, and every branch and agency of the Federal government actively involved in lying for her and covering for her, she will receive the laurel crown-- no matter how the people vote.

It boggles my mind. I have lived under 13 Presidents now, starting with FDR. And I have never seen anything like it. Even the election of 2000 was at least an election of sorts-- if a stolen one. This crowning of Clinton is an act of depravity. She would do to America what was done to Gaddafi.

And the powers that be will make it happen....

To quote Jake Sully in Avatar. I know not how.

As for warm, wise, witty Julian...

To quote King Lear (Act 5, scene 3, lines 363-4):

Thou'lt come no more. 

Never, never, never, never, never!

Not the fighter we loved. This political Muhammad Ali. Who could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

She/he Hillary silenced him, alright. I don't know how. I probably never will. I thought it couldn't be done. But she went to work and "fixed" him, as we ole Kansas ranchers` used to say. Like when we'd "fix" a feisty bull. She "fixed" him but good.

But if she goes to "fix" Vladimir Putin, she'll be our last President.

But she seems so possessed by a lust to kill, it's my professional judgment she will.

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