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Shocking Confession: Ukrainian Dr. Evil Bragging About Killing Wounded Militiamen in Donbass (Video)

This is considered heroism in Ukraine nowadays…

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It’s hard to believe. A doctor who once took a Hippocratic Oath with the main principle “Do no harm” is bragging about killing people of his own country in Donbass on one of the Ukrainian TV channels. He is smiling, he is very proud of what he did and tells to the whole country shocking details of his murders:

“It’s possible to kill a man imperceptibly just using the medication”.

Dr. Alexander Chernov eagerly shares his valuable experience with millions of people just before his professional holiday - Medical Workers' Day. His life credo - “Do as much harm to the enemies (so called ‘separatists’) as you can”. Screw Hippocratic Oath, screw humanity, screw moral principles… a great example to young Ukrainian doctors is set.

This is not a report from prison: this man is still working and living freely under Kiev's jurisdiction. And, by the way, the Security Service of Ukraine knew about his activity - he informed them on a weekly basis about all his patients.

Sounds completely absurd, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled, this is just the new norm, the new twisted reality prevailing in Ukraine.

P.S.: Ukranian journalists deleted the video from the channel where it first appeared. It seems as if they decided to get rid of one more report proving violent murders in Donbass...


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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