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SHOCK: Neocon Nut John Bolton Just Told the Truth About Russian Hacking (Video)

Ambassador Bolton said the so-called 'Russian' hack could actually be a false flag

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John Bolton's been talking crap for years. He's lied like that unkept rug on his head, and for decades, it's paid off handsomely for him. His career shot up, while millions of innocents in the countries he lied about were shot down, starved, and bombed into ruins. Frankly, for his role in falsifying evidence and justifying the invasion of Iraq, he should be charged with war crimes. 

Hey look mom! No lies!

Off the radar during the Obama years, now Bolton is angling for a position in Donald Trump's state department. Now all of a sudden this tried-and-true neocon is starting to make sense - telling Fox News that there isn't actually any evidence of Russian hacking. (Didn't stop him saying Saddam had WMD, but better late than never.) 

What John Bolton is is a shameless career opportunist. And he'd provoke a world war at the drop of a hat. While it's nice to hear the truth out of his mouth for once, Donald Trump shouldn't reward this snake with anything in his administration, not even as window dressing.

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