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China Retaliates Against Ukraine by Taking Its Soviet-Designed Cargo Plane, Mriya

Kiev will pay dearly for not honoring its debt obligations to Beijing

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The Russian Internet exploded at the recent news about a legendary Soviet cargo plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, becoming the property of China. The way the deal was announced by the parties is indicative of its content.

China’s CCTV –TV – has reported that the Celestial Kingdom will get the plane from the Ukrainian state corporation lock, stock and barrel, including a full set of documents.  A few hours later, Antonov denied this information, later making a vague comment on the deal.

<figcaption>Soviet designed and produced in Ukraine An-225 Mriya is the world’s largest cargo aircraft</figcaption>
Soviet designed and produced in Ukraine An-225 Mriya is the world’s largest cargo aircraft

We’re left wondering which side is telling the truth. Personally, I think the choice between an official Chinese agency and a Ukrainian source is obvious.

But why did they choose to announce it in this strange way? There have been other cases when big deals were scotched for less. Silence and delicacy are elementary in business, and the Chinese know this.

So what happened? The explanation is probably quite simple. First, the Chinese know Ukraine is in a bind. But also, apart from getting the Mriya, they want to humiliate Ukraine in public.

That’s why the statement by CCTV was so crude, so offensive to Ukraine.

Looking at previous news feeds, we discover that China has has behaved this way towards China before. A few days ago it was revealed that Beijing had not invited Peter Poroshenko to the September G20 Summit in Hangzhou, even though the Ukrainians tried hard to make it happen, including publicly, looking pretty foolish. Ukraine was ignored by China, although it invited the leaders of Chad, Laos and Senegal.  

And just yesterday China publicly gave Ukraine slap in the face, refusing to import its infested grain.  

China has several reasons for  this offensive behavior toward Ukraine, but one of them is the three-billion-dollar grain loan, a story that’s not unusual for Ukraine: In 2013 China provided a  three billion-dollar loan to Ukraine to deliver grain and buy Chinese goods. Then Maidan happened and the loan was terminated before Kiev’s obligations were carried out. The new authorities went so far as to  say: “You gave money to Yanukovich, so ask him.”

But only a complete fool would think that China would so easily forgive deceit, breach of contract and robbery. Ukraine will have to pay and repent.

It’s also strange that CCTV didn’t mention the amount of  money involved, suggesting that China is getting  the Mriya in lieu of debt repayment. Beijing will take every opportunity to wipe its boots on Ukraine publicly. Because everything comes at a price.


Source: Na Linii
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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