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Russia Should Hang Her Head in Shame for Betraying Anti-Erdogan Conspirators!

Now I understand the clumsiness and incoherence of the conspirators and their supposed helplessness.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

What we know about Turkey:

First, Erdogan declared an emergency. “To further democracy, freedom and human rights…bla-bla-bla…”  We know that a state of emergency means only one thing: they failed to suppress all the country’s hotbeds and had to introduce emergency measures to do the job.

Secondly – an astonishing, scandalous statement that Russia was to blame for the suppression of the coup.

I’m quoting the government’s Rossiyskaya Gazeta:

“A few hours before the beginning of the military coup, Russia warned President Recep Erdogan about it, according to a  TASS report referring to Arab media. “Intelligence information was obtained from Russian troops located in the region, who intercepted radio messages. Among other things the members of the conspiracy discussed plans to send a few military helicopters to the hotel in Marmaris where Erdogan was staying, to arrest or kill the president.

“We don’t known exactly how the Russians intercepted the radio conversations of the putschists, but it probably happened at the air base in Hmeymim, Syria, where Russian military collect information for the units that are fighting terrorism.

“They managed to suppress the coup due to this information, which had been reported to Turkish intelligence a few hours before it began. The army ordered all air and land-based forces across the country to cease activity, and for transport vehicles to hold their positions.”

Now I understand the clumsiness and incoherence of the conspirators and their supposed helplessness. Our military betrayed them.

Apparently, junior Russian officers, reading the radio signals, ran to their majors and lieutenant colonels, to whom they must report such events. The mayors and lieutenant colonels reported up. National authorities took the decision to inform Erdogan.

He is a devil.  When you help him you are acting against yourselves, against Assad, the Alawites, the troops of the Syrian Arab Republic, against Iranian volunteers and Kurds. Don’t you have a clue?

You’ll be responsible for preserving the infernal Turkish regime.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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