Der Spiegel Whitewashes George Soros and His Crimes

The poor multi-billionaire and his innocent philanthropy projects are being demonized by right-wing conspiracy theorists 

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On February 26th, “Spiegel online” (one of the most widely read German-language news websites) published a contribution of the journalist Keno Verseck entitled: “Half of Eastern Europe hates this man”.

In this article “SPON” (abbreviation for “Spiegel Online”) heavily supports speculator and multi-dollar-billionaire George Soros. Taken aback by the protest of Hungarian teachers claiming there is “too much bureaucracy, stuffed teaching programs, overburdened teacher and pupils”, “Der Spiegel” laments an outrageous “Soros-Bashing all over Eastern Europe”.

In an internal party meeting Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán has claimed, that there are external forces behind the protests. I’m not going to defend Victor Orbán by any means, nor do I intend to excuse him for his xenophobic and restrictive politics towards minorities. Hence the way that “Der Spiegel” advocates Hungarian-born George Soros, rather puzzling.

Throughout the article Soros is named as a philanthropist, exposed to utter injustice: “For a long time right-wing conspiracy theorists have demonized the 85-year-old American”. But it’s been not only them, since “some time ago even politics, considering themselves democrat and distinguished from extremism, joined Soros-Bashing. This is the case in Eastern Europe especially, for nowhere else the philanthropist was as active, as in this region”.

According to “Der Spiegel”, this is very unfair: „Soros foundations are endowing projects all over the world, but it is Eastern Europe, where the billionaire has spent most of his money. It is here, where his roots lie. For all his life he disputed Nazi and Communist totalitarism”.

“Der Spiegel” didn’t even question Mr. Soros' charity-party. On the contrary — the author literally romanticizes him: “in three decades the funds of George Soros have been giving about 1.8 billion dollars for human rights and democratizing projects alone, as well as for supporting Roma in countries of the former Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union”.

What “Der Spiegel” refers to as sweet little “human rights and democratizing projects” are, above all, projects that have only one goal — regime change. They are meant to give Soros’ hauls on resources of countries free rein with the opinion of the population being considered from little to none. Like in good old times of absolutist local rulers, Soros believes it is reserved for him to decide, what’s good for the masses, and what is not. The fact, that in Russia about 80% of the people support Putin, is, as Soros and his puppets explain, due to the stupidity of the population and their inability to decide democratically on the future for themselves.

The clientele of Soros is the middle class of big cities — people, who owe their relative prosperity primarily to Putin. Soros is not bothered by social aspects. People taking part in his speculative and empty business and extermination campaigns, are at best, fodder for his maneuvers. During his paid-for “revolutions” they only serve for being beaten down, until Soros and his cronies take over power. Afterwards they may return to their misery.

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What value these people have for Soros can very easily be detected with a simple example. On October 9, 2008 in the midst of the global financial crisis, Soros' "Fund Management" bet against the Hungarian former Landessparkasse OTP, Hungary's largest bank. With borrowed 390,000 shares, which he threw on that day to the market shortly before the daily closing of the stock market, he triggered a massive slump in prices of shares of Geldinstitus. But on the same day the value of securities fell by 29%. In the coming days, the paper slipped further. Lag the course before Soros' speculative 6000-7500 Forint, so the value leveled off in the following years at 3,000 forints, without to recover in the following years. Soros' Earnings: $ 675,000.

The main victims were the numerous small shareholders, which had not long previously stated that investing in stocks a safe retirement seiens and had borrowed in part for the purchase of shares high.

Soros himself was not even willing to publicly take responsibility. He retired on the excuse that he had given the operational business of its equity funds. And if all that would not have been enough, he taunted the Hungarian retail investors:

"Because of my personal relationship with Hungary hurts me what happened particularly — even if the dealer of the company has the current Hungarian regulations do not hurt."

Soros had his crocodile tears can also save. For him, its various activities are always' just profiteering by other means. So he is involved ever since the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine significantly. His "Renaissance Foundation International" has been actively involved in his own statement to the Maidan protests. In a CNN interview on 25 May 2014 he boasted: "Well, I have set up a foundation in Ukraine before the Ukraine from Russia became independent. And the Foundation has since actively and played an important role in the current events"

Soros is one of the financiers of the "Ukraine Crisis Media Center". The media service "Meedia" wrote on 10 April 2014: "A facility that is among others entertained by various PR firms also from the US and apparently aims to provide media with a pro-Western view of the events in Ukraine".

Finally, Soros is next to the US State Department, the "National Endowment for Democracy (NED)", which is funded by the US government and NATO, one of the financiers of the "Open Ukraine Foundation" Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy "Yaz" Yatseniuk.

From 8 to 15 November traveled Soros for a confidential visit to Ukraine. The hacking of the website "Cyber ​​Berkut" had access to the confidential networks of presidential administration in Kiev. The documents published, a letter Soros at Premier Yatseniuk whose response, a briefing Soros for his conversation with President Poroshenko and the calendar for the seven visiting days give an insight to the relationship between the Ukrainian leadership and the multi-billionaire and show what interests Soros really persecuted in Ukraine.

Soros crucial issue is the liberalization of the domestic energy market. The privatization of the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz stands and Soros is clearly trying these conclude successfully. So he gives in his letter of 19 September to Premier Yatseniuk expressed concern that the enormous increase in the privatization price of gas, would simply not paid by the population, which would lead to a loss of 1.5 billion Ukrainian hryvnia, corresponding to about 50 million euros. As a second possibility, Soros said in his letter from a "pessimistic scenario", he sees a general protest against the high prices, the end in a rebellion against the government Yatseniuk and ultimately: "Not only the gas system, but also your government be endangered."

As a consequence, he proposes two ways to empower people through loans in a position to pay their gas bills. Soros has Yatsenyuk his help: "In order to have ready the mechanisms when they need it, we are already prepared today to create the necessary legal basis to install IT solution and prepare financial resources."

So as if it were the most natural thing in the world Soros offers services that should ideally be provided by the management of the Ukrainian state. Once again, he warns strongly: "If people do not receive the protection they need, all the gas reform could be reversed. This threatens the country to be thrown back" and so, as if he had not just this just made massive he concludes: "And the country's independence into question."

Two days before Soros wrote this letter to Yatseniuk, published the "Focus" a commentary of the billionaire, in which he wrote: "Linchpin of economic reforms is the restructuring of the gas state monopoly Naftogaz to convert the currently artificially low gas prices in certain market prices".

Completely immodestly he lets the cat out of the bag: "My 'success strategy' stands for efficient financial assistance for Ukraine, which combines extensive domestic help with an affordable insurance against political risks, together with further incentives for the private sector."

His "success strategy" is but apparently only to make Europe grind as much money as possible from the ribs. "From this perspective, the current contribution of the European Union in the amount of 3.4 billion euros to bailout for Ukraine under the aegis of the IMF is completely inappropriate."

This EUR 3.4 billion, which has proven over the years 2014 and 2015. As the EU Ukraine, is the largest ever sum, which has a country outside the EU as part of the MFA program received so far. The MFA program envisages that the EU borrows on the financial market with its AAA rating money at very low interest rate, and passes the money to a third country on the same conditions. Not even the EU member Greece came to enjoy such preferential treatment.

Soros recommends now vastly extend this MFA program: "One percent of the EU budget appears to provide for the defense of Ukraine appropriate; this would allow the European Union, contributing all year € 14 billion for IMF aid package" and it is equal to a recommendation, according to which the motto of billions all over the place to be thrown: "a sum that would be large enough to allow the European Union, Ukraine with a" Taste what the cost "to help setting to success."

14 billion euros per year, to be paid by European taxpayers, as is probably expected to repay hardly. 14 billion euros for a country that is virtually bankrupt, a country whose political and economic elite is corrupt annually to the bone, without exception. What man, he at halfway sane is because highly recommend this? - Unless - he expects for himself a companion piece of the cake.

 Soros could, on the one hand, take the AAA-rated accommodation papers in its portfolio. Although bring little to no return but you secure the highly speculative transactions that rinse finally the money in the cash register, at the banks. Second, € 14 billion per year would be that under all circumstances and to all eternity - would be paid a sum of money that would land on one or the other way to a large part ultimately with people like Soros — "Taste what the cost".

Soros once again makes it clear: "The allies of Ukraine will have to decide and declare that they" are what also do whatever it requires "to allow Ukraine to not only survive, but to take far-reaching economic and political reforms and despite the resistance by President Putin to thrive. This approach would substantially require more money than is provided in the current budget of the European Union"

Given such an expected windfall looks said of his US-US ASTM friends also like "Yaz" Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk compelled his old business partner, to send a letter of thanks on 8 October 2015.

"Dear George", one speaks in confidence, with the first names, "With this letter I would like to think you thanks (express) your great efforts and your personal contribution in supporting my country on the path to stability and economic growth in these hard times of turbulence and complex challenges."

The visit of Ukraine by George Soros last November was undoubtedly the initiation of new and hedging of ongoing operations throughout a large scale. This shows the publish Ciber Berkut schedule that has been drafted and prepared by Soros' people in the "International Renaissance Foundation".

On the very day of his arrival, on November 8, he meets for Abensessen with the Ukrainian Minister of Finance, Natalie Jaresko. The American-born was declared in December 2014 in a dubious process by decree of President Poroshenko to Ukrainian citizen and appointed on the same day to the Minister of Finance. Jaresko worked for the US State Department in the 1990s, and in this activity three years from 1992 to 1995, Director of the Economic Section of the US Embassy in Kiev.

Thereafter, she was managing director of the "Horizon Capital, Kiev". The "Horizon Capital" specializes in investments in Ukraine. Special attention is directed to the purchase of Ukrainian black soil. It was funded with a Zuschus of $ 150,000 from the "US Agency for International Development (USAID)" 20 years ago.

In the divorce proceedings Jarenkos with her former husband, Ihor Figlus, came out, the "Horizon Capital" had operated with one of his fund illegal insider trading Ukrainian securities. The documents of the divorce proceedings indicate that "Horizon Capital" in large quantities Ukrainian art, Georgian rugs, antique furniture and expensive cars hoarding, all of which were the subject of the Rose War of the two spouses. An insight into the terminology, what the Sorosclique "invest" underappreciated - freely translated: robbing.

Soros himself, so he is quoted in a PowerPoint presentation of the "Horizon Capital" to attract American investors, plans to invest 1 billion US dollars in the Ukraine.

Another spotlight on the true interests and intentions of Mr. Soros throws the planned meeting with President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. The talks will also take part of the financial investor and native Czech, Tomas Fiala, head of the "Dragon Capital". "Dragon Capital" is the largest investment bank, Fiala himself one of the richest men in Ukraine. His fortune is estimated at around 200 million US dollars. The "Dragon Capital", here is likely to be the name of the program is specialized to attract foreign donors for investment in Ukraine. Since 2007 holds the octopus Goldman Sachs, whose excellent connections to the US government are legend, a minority stake in "Dragon Capital"

The cup taste that remains in view of the apparently close links of the highest points of Ukrainian politics with the international big capital the observer, becomes even more so when one learns that, a few days after the trip Soros' to Ukraine and the above-mentioned conversation the "Ukrainian redevelopment Fund LP (URF)", managed by the "Soros Fund management (SFM)" very prominent, as so-called seed investor, be managed on from the "Dragon Capital", "Dragon Capital Ukraine New Fund" involved. was announced in the press participation on 18 November, 2015.

On 12 November Soros meets with Adrian Karatnycky. Karatnycky is a fellow of the Atlantic Council and CEO of the Myrmidon Group LLC, based in New York (CONNECTING YOU TO OPPORTUNITIES IN UKRAINE) and what may be called a turncoat justifiably. Karatnycky, who from 1993 to 2004, President and Executive Director of Freedom House, founded in 2005 in New York the "Orange Circle", an organization of exiled Ukrainians, who made himself the task of the achievements of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine moral and above all things to support material. For this money was mainly in the US, collected. In 2005 he took his mouth still quite full:

"The values ​​of the Orange Revolution are timeless, the achievements of the Orange Revolution cannot be denied and it is unlikely that the growing level of civic engagement and courage that characterize the image of Ukraine, can be undone”

2009, the enthusiasm of Mr Karat Nicky for the Orange Revolution had already turned into its opposite. He had changed sides and now belonged to the advisory board of the new Ukrainian president and bitter adversary Yuschtschenkos, Yanukovich. Had to let him become the defector political or even moral doubts about the policy Yustschenkos and Tymoshenko? Not even close. The "Eurasia Daily Monitor", which is published by the Jamestown University, reported on 24 February 2014: "Mykola Knyazhytskly, the CEO of the independent Ukrainian television channel TVI, Jamestown said that he believed Karatnyckys relationships with Igor Gusinsky, (the former Russian oligarch, who in 1996 helped reelect in a rigged election, the alcoholic Russian President Yeltsin) connected had founded another exiled oligarch Konstantin Kagalovsky TVI, led to a collaboration with Serhiy Levochkin, head of the presidential administration Yanokovichs. Gusinsky and Levvochkin shared a long friendship"

Today, after a further turn of 180 degrees to Karatnycky hired casually as author of numerous articles in Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune and other papers. You see, the man has principles.

Soros doesn't care about principles, when they are contrary to commercial interests. Publicly always the fall and the disempowerment of Ukrainian oligarchs demanding, he meets in the days of Kiev simultaneously with three of them: On November 10, with Viktor Pinchuk, on 11 November with Renat Akhmetov, the still richest man in the Ukraine, and am12. November Sergiy Taruta, the former governor of Donetsk Oblast and old Spezel Ihor Walerijowytsch Kolomojskyj, the former governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Particularly piquant: Kolomojskyj was dismissed by President Poroshenko on March 25, 2015 of his office after he had occupied the headquarters of the oil and Gasförderfima Ukrnafta and the pipeline operator Ukrtransnafta through his private army.

Ukranafta and Ukratransnafta are subsidiaries of the now pending for privatization Naftogaz, inermmder main reasons for visiting Soros' in Ukraine.

This project is probably due for next meeting with Valeria Gontareva, the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine and former head of hedge fund "Investment Capital Ukraine" and her deputy, Vladislav Rashkovan, curator of the Ukrainian banking system, and the meeting with MPs from the Committee fuel, energy, nuclear policy and nuclear safety of the Rada.

On the evening of the same day Soros dinnierte with Andriy Kobolev, the CEO of Naftogaz and the director for business development Naftogaz. Significantly, attended the dinner and Georges Massoud. Massoud is partner of McKinsey & Company, the IP consulting firm, which is instrumental in the privatization of Naftogaz.

Whoever 'searches for interlocutors Soros with representatives of Civil Society, of which he nevertheless asserted again and again that they are particularly close to his heart, seeking in vain. Soros had better things to do than to worry about democracy, freedom of expression and gender equality, he had to do business.

Given this absolute ignorance Soros' for the real lives of people in Eastern Europe and its unscrupulous profiteering astonishment of the "mirror" puzzled by the "Soros-bashing" of the "philanthropists" but then a little. Since you have not put in the right corner sleazy critics.

However, if you once some investigating on the professional environment of the author Keno Verseck, then one comes very quickly, as the commentator of the mirror article "bene_lava" has written a number of articles on the magazine Ostpol for Verseck. The journal is published by "n-ost - network for reporting from Eastern Europe" issued. On the organization's website under the heading patrons and supporters can be found, among other things, the "Open Society Foundation". Founder and owner: George Soros.

Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

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