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Serbian Military Willing to Help Russia Clear Mines in Syria – Serbian Defense Minister

Serbia's minister of defense claims his army right now does not possess the 'capacity' to assist but would be willing to train and join in 2018

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Speaking to the press after a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Moscow Serbia's defense minister was asked if the the pair spoke about Russia's ongoing mine clearing operations in Syria.

The Serbian minister, Zoran Đorđević replied that Serbian military would be inclined to help out but currently "does not possess the capacity" to participate. However, he claimed the Serbian military is willing to train for the task and join later on, perhaps in 2018.

Actually there is zero chance this will indeed happen. Since Milošević successive Belgrade governments have established a distinguished tradition of licking the US boot and the current leader is one of the worst in that respect. 

The Serbian defense minister was almost certainly deceiving the Moscow press. He hasn't got the slightest inclination to assist Russian troops in Syria. Not in 2018, not in 2019, not ever.

Nonetheless, satrapies of Washington DC are not supposed to be talking about possibly backing Russian operations in Syria. Belgrade is sure to get a reprimand.

Do not mistake this for open defiance however. The Serbian public opinion is notoriously Russophile so even the most pro-American cabinets are inclined to play up their Russia ties, even when these are all talk and no substance. 

They need meetings with the Russians for the visuals. To even out their kowtowing to the Americans and score some patriotic cred lest they get run out with pitchforks. And if that means an occasional brazen lie in Moscow or a slap from DC then so be it.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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