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Full Transcript: Expletive-Loaded Shout-fest Ukraine Cabinet - Must See Video!!

The US's hand-picked morons who run the Ukraine go postal...

This is an excellent, idiomatically correct translation from the great guys at South Front

This is the culmination of $6 billion of US taxpayer money spent on the Ukraine over the last few years.  

<figcaption>This was the polite part... see below for more choice screenshots</figcaption>
This was the polite part... see below for more choice screenshots

Yeah, they wrecked the country, killed 20,000 people and displaced a couple million more, and almost started WWIII, but at least they got an entertaining video out of it. - it is headed for Youtube superstardom...

Keep up the great work neocons!

The political life of the “bank cartel’s” newest satellite has long been the butt of jokes all over the civilized world, but in recent days Ukraine’s political circus exceeded even the wildest expectations. The video depicts a session of the Ukrainian government, presided over by the country’s President himself. Dear readers, please keep this in mind. This is no run-of-the-mill Verkhovna Rada fist fight or any other countries’ legislative body. This is what happens among the members of the CABINET.

The cast:

Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (one Armenian, supported by the US)

Mikhail Saakashvili, Governor of Odessa Region of Ukraine, former President of Georgia, on the wanted list in Georgia now (one Georgian, appointed by the US) to make a dispute about Ukrainian wealth.

00:01 AVAKOV: Mikhail Grigorievich, I’m reacting to the things you’ve said

00:04 AVAKOV: I’ve written some of them here

00:05 AVAKOV: I paid close attention to your speech

00:07 AVAKOV: and summary regarding… that was happening on your Odessa…

00:12 AVAKOV: anti-corruption forum

00:13 AVAKOV: You are speaking softer now

00:15 AVAKOV: I don’t get it

00:16 AVAKOV: You said that the cabinet of ministers itself was heading the corruption

00:19 AVAKOV: You stated that without proofs, you stated that loud and clear

00:23 AVAKOV: explicitly

00:23 SAAKASHVILI: With lots of proofs

00:24 AVAKOV: Maybe let me finish first and then you’ll answer?

00:25 SAAKASHVILI: With lots of proofs

00:27 SAAKASHVILI: With lots of proofs and I’m going to find even more proofs

00:29 SAAKASHVILI: and inform general public about it

00:30 AVAKOV: Mr. President, I’ve got a favor to ask from you, are we maintaining the order here?

00:33 SAAKASHVILI: …what do you mean I’m softer? Yes, your Martinenko is a criminal

00:35 AVAKOV: How do you usually speak in such cases?

00:37 AVAKOV: Be-be-be-be-be, like that, right?

00:39 SAAKASHVILI: What do you mean?

00:40 SAAKASHVILI: Be-be-be-be, no one has ever spoken to me like this!

00:43 AVAKOV: I’m going to speak to you like this!

00:44 SAAKASHVILI: I don’t give a damn about how you are going to speak to me

00:46 AVAKOV: Then get the damn out of here if you don’t give a damn

00:48 Poroshenko: Arsen Borisovich, I’m…

00:50 SAAKASHVILI: I’m calling you to politeness

00:53 AVAKOV: Shut up

00:54 SAAKASHVILI: Unlike you I don’t have millions and billions

00:56 AVAKOV: I’m not speaking for you

00:57 SAAKASHVILI: No, I’m repeating it

00:58 AVAKOV: You’ll answer for your billions somewhere else

1:00 SAAKASHVILI: My… regarding my billions, Russia already attempted to find them. Look for them properly

1:05 AVAKOV: I.. I.. SAAKASHVILI: Look for them!

1:07 SAAKASHVILI: Look for them!

1:08 POROSHENKO: Everybody… I…

1:09 POROSHENKO: Stop it everyone!

1:11 SAAKASHVILI: I’m not going to tolerate such words from a corrupt minister

1:13 AVAKOV: Shut up, you corrupt governor


1:17 POROSHENKO: I’m asking…

1:17 AVAKOV: What you heard!

1:19 AVAKOV: f4cking thief

1:21 POROSHENKO: Arsen Borisovich

1:22 POROSHENKO: May you avoid usage of the obscene language?

1:23 AVAKOV: Was there an obscene language?

1:25 POROSHENKO: Yes, there was

1:27 POROSHENKO: Alright, Arseniy Petrovich [Yatsenuk], please…

1:29 AVAKOV: I’d like to finish

1:31 POROSHENKO: Then I ask you to keep to the topic of the speech

1:34 POROSHENKO: not to the comments

1:36 POROSHENKO: The scene is yours, Arsen Borisovich

1:39 AVAKOV: When we are speaking about the whole list of things that have been said

1:42 AVAKOV: Of course privatization

1:44 AVAKOV: Of course a total privatization

1:46 AVAKOV: including OPZ [Odessa Port Plant]

1:49 AVAKOV: In order to, among the other things, maximize bring to the bright light and privatize the entire OPZ

1:56 AVAKOV: So, I have a question

1:57 AVAKOV: Are you, Mr. Saakashvili, preventing the privatization of the OPZ with your actions or not?

2:03 SAAKASHVILI: I’m not going to discuss anything with you after your words

2:06 SAAKASHVILI: After your words I’ll be debating with you only publicly

2:10 SAAKASHVILI: I’ll prove that you personally are a thief!

2:12 SAAKASHVILI: I’ll prove that indeed that cabinet of ministers is heading the corruption

2:17 SAAKASHVILI: And I will… No one… I will never allow… I… unlike you, I don’t have money

2:20 SAAKASHVILI: But instead I have a conscience and the reputation!

2:22 SAAKASHVILI: I’m not going to tolerate some Avakov, who’s a thief…

2:26 SAAKASHVILI: Who everyone knows he’s controlling the [corruption] schemes!

2:29 SAAKASHVILI: to speak to Saakashvili in such a manner

2:31 SAAKASHVILI: I have nothing… but my reputation

2:32 SAAKASHVILI: And I’m not going… not going to tolerate some corrupt minister

2:36 SAAKASHVILI: who, the entire country knows he’s a thief

2:38 SAAKASHVILI: the entire country knows…

2:39 POROSHENKO: Vitaliy Vasilievich…

2:40 SAAKASHVILI: The entire country knows what are you doing

2:41 POROSHENKO: Arsen!

2:42 SAAKASHVILI: …knows that are you doing

2:45 SAAKASHVILI: the entire country knows

2:46 AVAKOV: I need to punch him or something?

2:47 POROSHENKO: I’m… I’m adjourning the meeting

2:51 AVAKOV: F4cking faggot!

2:52 POROSHENKO: Arsen… AVAKOV: Damn bastard!

2:55 SAAKASHVILI: Thief!

2:57 AVAKOV: Yes, a thief [irony]

2:58 SAAKASHVILI: So, you will be in a jail, or just because you are…

3:01 AVAKOV: Piss off!

3:02 SAAKASHVILI: We are going to restore the country and you’ll be in a jail

3:04 AVAKOV: You’ve already driven your country to disaster!

3:06 AVAKOV: Get the hell out from my country!

3:07 POROSHENKO: Arsen Borisovich…

3:08 AVAKOV: Rascal!

3:10 SAAKASHVILI: From your country? I’m Ukrainian

3:12 AVAKOV: Right [sarcasm] SAAKASHVILI: For your information…

3:13 AVAKOV: I’m Ukrainian, I’m at home

3:14 SAAKASHVILI: No, you are a thief!

3:15 AVAKOV: And you are a fibster and a traveling actor!

3:16 SAAKASHVILI: You’re a thief! That’s who you are!

3:18 AVAKOV: Actor, clown, damn scum!

3:19 AVAKOV: and then SAAKASHVILI: You’re a thief!

3:22 AVAKOV: Barnstormer! Fibster and barnstormer!

3:24 SAAKASHVILI: You are a thief

3:25 AVAKOV: Sh1thead

3:26 SAAKASHVILI: I was invited to the country to accomplish the tasks

3:29 SAAKASHVILI: not to be engaged in the political fraudulence

3:32 AVAKOV: Damn liar

3:35 SAAKASHVILI: You are insulting the president

3:36 SAAKASHVILI: You are insulting the country

3:38 AVAKOV: Yes SAAKASHVILI: You are insulting the officials

3:41 SAAKASHVILI: You are insulting the Ukrainian people

3:45 SAAKASHVILI: You are insulting the president… the Ukrainian people

3:47 POROSHENKO: Stop it right now

3:48 SAAKASHVILI: You are going to take responsibility for this

3:49 POROSHENKO: Enough!

3:51 POROSHENKO: Everybody is free

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