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Senator John McCain: That's It, You're Fired!

It's about time the American people threw Arizona Republican Senator John McCain "physically" out the back door of Washington. And may the screen door not hit him in the rear, on his way out!  A political rant, past overdue...

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

News today US Senator John McCain is worming out of being an adviser to Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko is absolutely the worst PR double dribble anybody in the business ever heard of. The head of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain has been the screaming eagle flying overhead in Washington demanding guns for Kiev since the country erupted in civil war after Euromaidan. If his part in Ukraine’s current situation were for a job resume, the Arizona senator would join America’s unemployed tomorrow morning. Here’s a look at a public relations abortion in progress.

Of course John McCain has been advising Kiev all along, as if anybody on Earth wondered. Now Buzzfeed and Sputnik feeds us with news of the old war hawk’s official appointment by Poroshenko to the exalted position of his “International Advisory Board”. Then McCain, feigning concerns over senate rules and propriety (as if he ever cared before), all but turns down a post he’s already held for months. Perhaps the good senator is not happy he’s taking a back seat to failed Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who Poroshenko named the board leader?

To hit on Saakashvilli briefly, since his leaving Georgia the Euromaidan and NATO cheerleader has taken to the lecture circuit in the US and abroad, even though he is a wanted man in his home country on myriad criminal charges, not to mention is ongoing advise on revolutions NATO is engaged in, one way or another. Remember, Georgia’s unbalanced support of NATO-American militarism abroad? Well, Georgia’s former president and Mr. McCain are now pin-up poster boys for widespread legalized murder, and not just in my black book. Poor Georgia today, under the wing of NATO about the best that ancient cultural treasure can conjure are reports of US troops, and the announcement Dominos Pizza has opened its first store there.
<figcaption>Neocon criminal Susan Rice with fellow imperialists McCain and Obama, as seen by artist DonkeyHotey, via flickr.</figcaption>
Neocon criminal Susan Rice with fellow imperialists McCain and Obama, as seen by artist DonkeyHotey, via flickr.

Now to John McCain’s policy resume in full view, one look makes him eligible for not only ousting from the US Senate, but tarring and feathering given the heaps of dead women and children underneath bombs and missiles Arizona’s defense contractors have fashioned. If we just go bare fisted on the whole NATO bunch (that includes Billionaire Soros, all the Bushes, the Clintons, and now Obama, basically the 1%) our world is messier and deadlier than ever. McCain, Poroshenko, Saakashvili, isn’t it an amazing coincidence that their interest in NATO always coincides with some spooky military exercise? The US DOD just this week announced operation “Noble Partner” in Georgia, another provocation aimed at Putin and Russia gouging. What is the point? US paratroopers in Georgia, US taxpayers ferrying Bradley armored personnel carriers across the Black Sea to take part? How noble.

Gary Kochuba, center, was recognized for his work on the Standard Missile-3 program by Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence, president of Raytheon Missile Systems; Riki Ellison, chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance; Sen. John McCain; U.S. Rep. Martha McSal
Gary Kochuba, center, was recognized for his work on the Standard Missile-3 program by Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence, president of Raytheon Missile Systems; Riki Ellison, chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance; Sen. John McCain; U.S. Rep. Martha McSal
McCain, McCain, McCain, let’s take a look at his job resume from a win-lose perspective. Starting with his Kiev visits, a democratic and largely stable country has turned itself inside out since Euromaidan. Here is Mr. McCain’s scorecard there.
  • Civilians Killed – From 6 April 2014 – 7 May 2015 7,000 have been killed – all in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (source Ukraine)
  • Civilians Displaced – As of this Brookings Institute report, 1,600,000 Ukrainians have moved or have sought asylum in Russia or neighboring countries.
  • According to UN numbers Mr. McCain’s little Ukraine war has cost much more. This report claims 15,000 dead, 5.2 million affected, over 2 million children displaced, and an untold and uncountable number missing.
  • This report from the World Food Program in March of this year tells of 1.3 million still residing in the east of Ukraine in need of food assistance, with another 670,000 needing immediate assistance. And the situation is getting much, much worse by the day.
  • In the most affected areas of east Ukraine families have great difficulty accessing any healthcare, injuries and deaths from unexploded ordinance and land mines are rising, and funding from west based humanitarian orgs is pitiful. This report from the UN details.
  • In Ukraine overall, crippling policies instituted by the US backed junta have ruined the country. Bloomberg called the economy; “the most disastrous and Soviet-like pursued anywhere in Europe since the early 1990s”. And it Bloomberg is negative on Washington satellite governments, the real tale is a horror story. The economy is the worst performing in the world currently.
  • Since Mr. McCain’s Kiev rally visits, all of Europe has suffered with Russia over sanctions and other negative economic fits. According to former Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr Goran Persson, all Europe will lose vast potential while China and Russia will gain from the disaster.

And that’s just Ukraine. Looking at Syria, Yemen, the entirety of North Africa, Gaza and the Palestinian plight that is never ending, the American neo-cons can easily be cast as a new Nazi Reich when all is said and done. Iran is a disaster, Afghanistan a wreck, with the Taliban resurgent after years of war and waste. Not even Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood can pull McCain’s and the Obama administration’s chestnuts out of the fire over Afghanistan, American Sniper did well at the box office, but more US service people are blowing their own brains out over psychological trauma in America’s suburbs than died from Taliban or Al-Qaida bullets these days. The VA hospitals cannot even come close to coping. And McCain wants MORE WAR. Looking at the air strikes on ISIS in sovereign (supposedly) Syria and Iraq, the US military has broken all records deploying air strikes and ordinance. According to this report, Boeing production of so-called JDAM kits for laser guides bombs has to be raking in millions. As of January, US forces had hit some 3,222 supposed ISIS (ISIL) targets.

I could go on for 50,000 words on Senator John McCain and his legacy of legalized (by Washington) killing. That should not be necessary. Anybody in my country who still listens to this maniac needs tarring and feathering right alongside him, in public, in the streets of our nation’s capital. The man is a disgrace to civilized humanity, and most immutably America. We’ve stood idly by and watched Washington destroy not only millions of lives internationally, but the very image America was for the world. Our reputation is in the gutter, our influence only meaningful out of fearful dread our militaristic capitalism will strike some other society. Where once we stood proudly as a companion to other nations, greedy soulless men and women have ravaged hundreds of millions to satiate our dependence on cheap gas, Walmart shopping sprees, and ultimate cool gadgets we could better do without. Detroit to Baltimore, and over in Missouri even, the hopeless communities show the first signs, our nation is crumbling from within.

We spend billions to spread the LGBT gospel to people who do not want it, trillions to lose wars we never intended to win, and we mortgage the world’s future at the whim of sickly little fat men empowered by trillion dollar military industrial conglomerates. The video below of McCain and US nincompoop Ambassodor Geoffrey Pyatt so pleased with the democracy their brilliance etched on unwary Ukraine, it's sickening to watch now that all the dead are being counted. Maybe in the sheltered and idiotic luxury world they live in, ordinary people just do not matter. You can hear some idiot in the background, some goofy administrative assistant asking; "Do you think there are any Americans down there?" What an arrogant, out of touch, wretched bunch we've sent out into the world on our behalf. Pyatt is still trying to use social media to prove Putin shot down MH17 on his Twitter today. 

I hope I’ve caught you up in the rant, I really do. For what are we to become if we continue to allow such people control? Look at the utter abuse of power Obama, the Bushs, the Clintons of the world have exerted! Is it not now unmistakable? Cannot the most drugged and self immersed among us Americans now see? What does it take to envision, the greatest nation on Earth in utter ruin? Do you think the Saudi Arabia operation in Yemen is Saudi? Of course, those Arabians love code names like Operation Decisive Storm, it just rolls of the tongue in Arabic, now doesn’t it? Add 300,000 more to the displaced civilians list of John McCain and NATO.

Yes, Boeing and other contractors are selling ordinance to kill Yemen’s huddled masses too, they won’t bother denying it. Looking at just one munitions unit, the Lockheed Martin Hellfire air-to-surface system, we can extrapolate thousands of Palestinian, Yemeni, Afghani, Iraqi, and other civilian casualties to these. Obama’s Predator Drone strikes of note, have literally rained hell-fire down on innocent people around the world. And he’s a Nobel Peace Prize recipient! Do you think that irony was wasted when Washington assessed the American fools out there?

McCain in the now infamous Benghazi photo with the wrong side
McCain in the now infamous Benghazi photo with the wrong side

John McCain’s job resume as a presidential adviser? The only human being on the planet with a worse resume is US Secretary of State John Kerry. Well, and perhaps Hillary Clinton is in the running. Oh yes, and I almost forgot the man who said he wanted to; “…restore that sense that America is that shining beacon on a hill”. From here in Germany, in my expertise with Eastern Europe and Russia, the Barack Obama legacy is not going to be pretty in any history book. That is, if there are any libraries left to put books in when all is said and done. I suppose ending a “wake up call” on the McCain’s of the world is best ended with Armageddon, what say ye?

Not a friend left in the world, no money or mojo to offer in payment to our surfs out there, what will America do? I know, this goes against your grain my fellows, but just yesterday a billionaire you all know laid it out. The bubble is about to burst. Donald Trump has sounded the alarm now, “America is no longer a rich country.” The legendary real estate development guru goes on:

"We are going up to $16 trillion [in debt] very soon, and it’s going to be a lot higher than that before he gets finished. When you have [debt] in the $21-$22 trillion, you are talking about a downgrade no matter how you cut it."

Make no mistake, Trump’s predictions are tame compared to some others like bestselling author Robert Wiedemer of Aftershock fame. If we look at his projections then the vehemence with which McCain and all those US presidents go at starting World War III makes sense. The choice for humanity may be pretty simple, make Russia and China the enemy, or make the politicians the evil empire! Now I got you to thinking, didn’t I? Well, that’s a damned good thing if I did. We are in huge trouble.

Mr. McCain. You are fired, clear out your desk... an honorable man would fall on his own sword after such failures of humanity. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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