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Self-Righteous Europe Debates Donald Trump Ban

Europe accuses The Donald of 'inciting hatred', but Trump's rhetoric is not nearly as hateful as dropping bombs on half a dozen Muslim nations for no reason whatsoever

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Last week a German lawmaker called for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the country, arguing that the presidential candidate's "rants of hate against minorities and refugees could constitute the criminal offence of incitement of hatred".

But Germany isn't the only brave Muslim-bombing NATO member eager to protect Muslims from Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric: Next week British lawmakers will debate whether Trump should be banned from visiting their utopian island of human dignity. (The Associated Press reported that any conclusion from the debate by Parliament "will not be binding".)

<figcaption>Don't blame Trump for creating hatred -- your own bombs did that</figcaption>
Don't blame Trump for creating hatred -- your own bombs did that

We are not fond of Donald Trump. But has Europe lost its mind? Which is more hateful: Calling for a ban on Muslim immigrants — or invading/bombing/maiming/torturing/displacing Muslims for more than a decade (and the party's far from over)?

Why not ban Barack Obama for bragging that he's "really good at killing [brown] people"? Isn't indiscriminately killing Muslims (and bragging about it) just a little bit more hateful than calling for a Muslim ban that will never happen, during an inconsequential presidential stump speech? Heck, why not ban David Cameron from entering the UK? The dude is responsible for killing thousands of Muslims and inciting hatred all over the world.

Seriously, if Europe is so concerned about protecting Muslims from hate — why not take the first step, and stop bombing them? Withdraw from NATO, pay a few trillion dollars in reparations, and never listen to another thing the United States says. That's the surest way to create a less hateful Europe. Or are bombs supposed to be an expression of love, compassion and understanding?

Allow us a quick ending anecdote:

Your Moscow correspondent recently returned to his native land of California to see his family for Christmas. He listened very patiently as his family members, sitting around the dining room table, bemoaned the rise of the hate-filled Donald Trump. And then your dutiful correspondent interjected: "Yeah, what's next? Soon we'll be bombing and torturing Muslims." And of course, the discussion ended abruptly.

No matter how much "liberal" America screams about Donald Trump, the reality will never change: Donald Trump's "Muslim ban", as repulsive as it may be, is infinitely more humane and less hateful than current US policy towards Muslims, both at home and abroad.

Whether it's unlawful police surveillance specifically targeting Muslims, or the fact that 90% of the men, women and children murdered by Obama's beloved Drone Program aren't even "targets" (but at least they're Muslim?), it's hard to blame Donald Trump for "hate speech" when we are already neck-deep in something far, far more awful.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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