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Shoigu Smashes Japan's Dream of Retaking the Kurils

The endless and persisting pleas of the Japanese to return the Southern Kuril Islands to them haven’t gone unnoticed by Russia. However, Japan won’t be happy with the outcome

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The Head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, has issued the command to set up the coastal missile complex “Bastion” on the Kuril Islands already this year.

A battery of the Bastion-complex consists of 12 missile launchers with supersonic “Onyx” cruise missiles. Each rocket has a 290 kg warhead. Two to thee missiles are sufficient to sink a frigate, five are enough to sink an aircraft-carrier. Such a warhead tears a hole into the ship of train-car size.

The complex “Bal-E” (3K60 Bal: a land-based anti-ship guided missile with 120 km range, in service since 2008) is also going to be installed on the islands. The newest unmanned aircraft is also going to be stationed in the Kurile Islands, simultaneously.

The Minister explained the planned nature of the deployment being conducted within a retrofitting program. The coastal missile complexes offer protection from attacks from the sea, serve as suitable deterrents for ships of potential enemies of any class and prevent implementation of landing operations.

The Russian military is not going to be limited to ship defense. Besides these means in the area of the Kuril Islands, the airspace control zone is going to be significantly increased. Schoigu claims arsenals with an ability to hit planes and missiles of the potential enemy at any distance: small, medium and long-range.

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Just a reminder: Japan is on the handover of the Southern Kuril Islands: the islands Iturups, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai Islands of the archipelago, which the Soviet Union has received as a result of World War II. Russia declared on several occasions that may be from the return of any territories to Japan no question. As a goodwill gesture, the Russian government offered the Japanese to work together economically to exploit the territory, while preserving the current legal status, but Tokyo wants waive such a variant, writes the Russian press.

The Japanese from time to time to respond to the visits of Russian officials on the South Kuril inappropriate. For example, in 2012 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan expressed his protest in connection with the visit of the Chief of the Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev. Last year, the Japanese protested against the visit of the plenipotentiary of the President in Far East federal district, Yury Trutnews. The protests were also expressed during the visit of other Russian officials. The Russian side expressed in all similar cases their regret about the attempts of Japan to revise the generally accepted results of World War II.

The current events surrounding the Kuriles are a prime example of Russian foreign policy à la Putin. Man tries to resolve conflicts by the caller to make a proposal which is maximally advantageous for both sides. In this case, Russia would be willing to offer Japanese investors of shares of its oil and gas projects. In addition, the Japanese cooperation in the development of the overall project “Kuriles” is promised. According to Russian information an economic zone new type is prepared there.

To make matters worse a lot of mineral resources were inside the South Kuril discovered: gold, silver, polymetallic ores containing zinc, copper, vanadium and so on. A special value represents the ore of the metal rhenium, which is used particularly in the production of reactive motors. There are stocks of volcanic sulfur and thermal water — what are the most valuable resources for the development of a common tourism.

Each additional or better following proposal is bad for the other side. See there now. And note the ranges of the missiles and the distances to the Korean peninsula and the Japanese territory. This happens when one's own interests sacrificed to the Americans. Congratulations!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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