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Scandal Hits French Presidential Front-runner, Clearing Path for Le Pen Victory

Donald Trump may only be the globalist New World Order's first nightmare of 2017

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French Republican party presidential candidate Francois Fillon finds himself embroiled in scandal, as prosecutors are investigating how his wife earned her €500,000 salary.

As reported by the BBC:

Francois Fillon has hit back at claims that his British wife Penelope was paid large amounts of public money for doing a fake job as his parliamentary assistant.

In a television appearance on Thursday night, Mr Fillon insisted the work she did over more than eight years from 1997 was "real, legal and completely transparent".

Describing Mrs Fillon's work at his constituency in western France, he said she had "corrected speeches, met important visitors... and chaired meetings".

He went on to say that he did not "have the words to express his disgust" at the accusations in the media.

It was a strong counter-attack but the controversy is far from over. A judicial investigation will take weeks or months, meaning that throughout the general election campaign the candidate will be dogged by what is inevitably being dubbed Penelope-gate.

Fillon is not a terrible candidate, as far as Russia is concerned. Like Front National leader Marine Le Pen, he has expressed his disdain for the EU's anti-Russian sanctions. 

But if Fillon is forced to drop out of the race, Le Pen would be left as the overwhelming frontrunner to win the election in April. Le Pen, who's party is anti-immigration and anti-EU, has expressed her admiration for both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Madame le président? Will 2017 turn out to be the year of a grand tripartite alliance between the US, France, and Russia? Only time will tell. 

The Saviors of the West?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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