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Ukrainian Thugs Ransack Sberbank Branch in Kiev

A group of patriotic Ukrainians decided to show the Russian bank their European values

A Sberbank office in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev has been attacked, however, no casualties have been reported among the staff and its clients, Sberbank’s press service told TASS.

"We confirm the incident, neither bank staff nor clients were injured. After repair works have been completed the office will resume operation," the press service noted.

All other Sberbank offices have been operating as usual, the press service added.

On Monday, Ukrainian radical activists stormed a Sberbank (Ukrainian bank subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia) office located on Leo Tolstoy square in central Kiev. The attackers smashed windows, broke the door, and even tried to break open a cash dispenser. The Kiev police press service said police were looking into the circumstances of the incident.

Source: TASS
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