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Great NY Times Profile: Booming Russian Cheese Industry

  • Just as we told you they would, sanctions have had the opposite effect than intended.  
  • The perenially dopey neocon morons over at the Times are even waking up to the fact...  Only 9 months late - but better late than never!
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The New York Times ran an excellent article recently describing the improved prospects of Russian cheese producers.

agricultural producers are thriving…cheese and curd production by volume was up 16 percent in the first quarter compared to a year earlier

<figcaption>Say cheese!</figcaption>
Say cheese!

Daniel Sokolov owner of the Koza Nostra goat cheese farm near Moscow told the NYT

The sanctions really made us happy

and explained how he was jumping for joy when he saw the news.

Olga Makarova, a saleswoman complains that

We can’t keep Camembert on the shelf. People buy it. Then they come back for more and more

Instead of importing overpriced cheese from Western Europe, Russian farmers are able to produce Brie, Camembert, mozzarella, ricotta, and traditional Emmental cheese from Siberia. They make profit and largely satisfy domestic demand which is supported by imports from partner countries.

Yesterday, the National Dairy Industry Council of the largest Central American economy the Dominican Republic, announced that the “regulations and logistics are being created so Dominican companies can start pasteurized cheese exports to Russia this year”.

Russian cheese industry’s growth comes at the expense of Western European farmers.


On a national scale, investments in Russian farms by the American snack and beverage giant PepsiCo are paying off because of the ban on imports. The company owns the largest dairy in Russia.

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MORE: Business

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