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Samantha Power Is Outraged Syria Wants to Save Civilians in Aleppo

She condemns the letter from Damascus which expresses a desire to save those dying due to her government's savage terrorist friends

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Fresh on the heals of her shameful UN security council performance, US ambassador Samantha Power is embarrassing herself and the United States with her comments on Syria yet again.

The Syrian delegation to the UN sent a letter to the president of the security council, informing him of their plans to create safe zones so the population of Aleppo, which is currenlty under siege, could withdraw safely. 

You would think no nation could find fault with this development. But no...Samantha Power finds it "chilling":

Never mind that Aleppo is under occupation by radical Islamic terrorists who beheaded a 15 year old boy (along with many others).

Never mind that that these ISIS barbarians - funded, armed and trained by the USA, Turkey, and the Gulf monarchies - have savaged and destroyed a once peaceful and relatively prosperous secular state that protected minorities, the so-called Assad "regime."

Never mind that that government is the internationally recognized legal government of Syria and as a sovereign state, it has a right to combat terrorism and rebellion on its own territory. 

Never mind that the US and its allies started the whole mess in the first place, in their obsessive determination to get rid of one of the last leaders in the middle east who, though posing no threat, simply doesn't follow Washington's orders.

Ms. Power, the whole world knows who has the deaths of over 400,000 people on its hands. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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