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Salvini on a Rampage, Hammers Leftist Traitors for Welcoming Migrants

“Today, slavers, racists, and colonizers, exploiters of women and men, are only found on the left,” says Italy’s opposition leader Matteo Salvini.


The former Deputy Prime Minister has sharply condemned the Italian Left-wing government’s shift in immigration policy. He says, ‘Italy is going back to being Europe’s refugee camp.’

Italy’s popular anti-migrant coalition was ousted when the broad left, normally hostile to each other, formed a coalition of migrant-loving liberals and leftists. United, the strategy gave the left parties left the edge over the disunited right.

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The left cultists are already splitting: Former Italian Premier Matteo Renzi has since left the ruling Democratic Party to set up a new centrist force. The move will weaken the already shaky government forged only two weeks ago by the centre-left Democrats and the populist Five Star Movement.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban penned the words, ‘To our brother-in-arms, Salvini, Hungarians will never forget your fight for strong borders.’


Now, the leader of Italy’s populist League (Lega) party has sent out a flurry of tweets slamming the left’s dismantling of Salvini’s closed border decrees he issued to curb illegal immigration. The former interior minister Salvini accused the incoming liberal-left Five Star-Democratic Party government of betraying the Italian people.

“Now the new leftist government is reopening the ports: hardly brothers and sisters of the Italians, here I see brothers and sisters of illegal immigrants,” he wrote.

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On Saturday, Dario Franceschini, Italy’s new Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and a member of the Democrats (PD) sent out a tweet. In his tweet, he explained his regime’s new policy toward migrants and NGOs like those of the Hungarian Jew George Soros, known to be responsible for accelerating the surge in migration to Europe.

“The (new) government assigns a safe port to Ocean Viking and the migrants (human trafficking) will be welcomed in many European countries,” he said.


Mr Salvini called Italy’s new leaders ‘abusive ministers who hate the Italians.’ He adds: ‘The new government reopens the ports and Italy goes back to being Europe’s refugee camp.’

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At a major party rally Sunday in the northern Italian city of Pontida, Mr. Salvini continued to accuse the broad left of selling out the Italian people.

“Over the last 24 hours there have been more than 200 landings in Lampedusa,” Salvini said, referring to Italy’s southernmost point, the island of Lampedusa. “If they cancel the security decrees they do not harm the League but they bring devastation to 60 million Italians,” he said.

“Today, slavers, racists, and colonizers, exploiters of women and men, are only found on the left,” he added.

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