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He gets republished around the internets more than probably anyone writing about Russia - his impact is enormous.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Dear friends,

I have been talking to you for the last week about how we, as a community, simply have to do more if we want to turn the tide against the relentless lying in the media which is leading the world to war. I have explained the specifics of what we need to do to win.

I have always made the pages of RI available to appeals for support from other fighters for the truth, because I know that we are just scratching the surface in terms of what our audience can give, and what we can do together, and what we need to give.

I know that if the Saker, Patrick Lancaster, Graham Phillips, and a hundred other fighters for the truth are stronger, then we are all stronger. Together, we will win this fight, and indeed, we have made amazing progress in the past few years, and I do not doubt for a moment that we will prevail and beat back the liars.

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If you haven't seen it yet, please take a minute to read the Saker's appeal below, and his explanations of why he thinks war has never been closer. You can find his recent remarkable articles on this subject here.

Please do make a contribution to his drive. What he says about how much he gets republished around the internet is really true, and therefore, his impact is stupendous.

I have never met the Saker, but I feel like I know him up to a point because I follow his work carefully and from correspondence, and I can assure you he is as solid as they come. He is selfless, extremely honest, a very serious Christian, and he is doing this because it is the right thing to do, and at considerable financial sacrifice. He says what he thinks is true, not what people want to hear. He is a great treasure.

I can also say that his upcoming trip to Russia is badly needed. I am now back in the US, but I can tell you from my time in Russia that the Russian leadership does not understand at all well what they are up against, and are not able yet to adequately defend themselves against the info onslaught leveled at them. If the Saker can get face time with serious people and make an impression on them, and help them, then this is only for the good. It is expensive to travel and move around in Russia and we should all do what we can to speed him in his journey.

Thanks Saker for everything you do. The pages of RI are eminently richer thanks to your work, and we have all learned an enormous amount from you.

Dear friends,

Today I am launching my Spring fundraiser because the current situation is an emergency on many levels.

First and foremost, there is a very real risk of war.  Let me rephrase that, I think that we can say that we have a certitude that another war is imminent. The only question is where (Iran? Syria? the Ukraine? the DPRK?) and whether it will escalate to a direct nuclear war between the USA and Russia.

Second, the AngloZionist Empire is really “going ugly”, as shown by the Skripal case and the following “unity in spite of logic and international law” demonstrated by the (re-)united West.  Make no mistake – Russia and everything Russian is now a target. Including this blog.

Fourth, my IT expenditures have gone up and might go up even higher.  I cannot go into the details here, but let’s just say that in the current context redundancy and high performance are key: just in the month of March we expect about 3 million pages (or more) to be served (that doubles our typical stats). That, in the context of concerted attacks against “resistance” websites. Do I need to say more?

Fifth, I am planning a trip to Russia for this summer, including a lot of internal travel. I already purchased the tickets early on to get the best prices. I was hoping to get some help from Russia but I got nothing. Not a single penny. So I now vitally depend on you to make this trip what I hope it will be: a possibility to establish crucial contacts face-to-face and to meet the right people. Unless the Saker community makes a very strong effort to help, I will be facing a financial crisis (no income for 1 month, for starters) and I will be severely limited on my ability to operate inside Russia. Yup, this time around I really need some serious help!

Please keep the following in mind: besides the blog and the Unz Review, my articles are being reposted in really large amounts all over the Internet. For example of my “A truly historical month for the future of our planet” analysis. Just take a look at the collage I did of the resposts of this article elsewhere: (Russia Insider, Informationclearinghouse, ZeroHedge, The Ugly Truth, South Front, Russia Insight, Sign of the Times, Global Research)

These reposts don’t even include the translations in languages other than English (Spanish, Russian, Czech, etc.)!

In case you wonder, no, I don’t get paid for any of these. Everything I write is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license ( meaning that they all are in their full right when they repost my article and that, in fact, I am grateful to them when they do so!  Still, that does not pay the bills.

These examples also illustrate another important point: by helping me you make it possible for my blog to have a “ripple effect” on the rest of the Internet, thus reaching far beyond the actual readership of his blog.

And here is the key thing I beg you to consider. Unlike the vast majority of, shall we say, pro-Russian or anti-Empire websites out there:

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    I am doing all this alone, a one man show (yes, I do have wonderful volunteers who help me on their limited free time.  But it just so happens that all of them are financially doing well.  So I only have one person I actually pay a salary to).  What I don’t have, unlike everybody else, is a team of paid collaborators who can take some of the burden of the work for me.

  2. I don’t have any corporate sponsor. No Russian oligarch is paying me. For all my statements that I am a self-confessed Putin-groupie and Kremlin-fanboy, I never got a single penny from the Russian government. Not even a “thank you” for that matter.

  3. I truly ONLY rely on voluntary donations. Even though I get offers in the mail every day, I never accepted a single advertisement. No ads, no paywalls, no commercials, no annoying pop-ups. Nothing except your good will.

  4. I offer truly original content. The Saker blog is not a news aggregation site. Nothing wrong with them, but let’s just say that my work involves *a lot* more than a simple copy-paste of articles written by others.

  5. I don’t cater to any one group: the Saker blog has true political, philosophical and religious diversity.

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    I foster educated, intelligent discussions thanks to a strictly moderated comments section which does not allow trolls and nutcases to hijack the conversation.

  7. I provide a safe haven for groups which are normally ostracized elsewhere: anti-Wahabi traditionalist Muslims, traditionalist Christians, non-racist anti-Zionists, genuine Marxists – these groups (and others) have “no place to go” because their point of view lacks powerful sponsors (like the KSA, the Vatican, Alt-Right, neo-Trotskyists, etc.).

By the way, do you realize that from a purely “pragmatic” point of view (i.e. one centered on maximizing your income) the list above breaks every single rule and that I am doing the exact polar opposite of what pretty much everybody else is doing?

And then there is this: most of my readers are US Americans, Canadians and Europeans who are often retired and live on limited means.  What brings them to my blog is precisely that they are mature, educated and experienced enough to remember the Cold War, or even WWII, that they have seen the dramatic changes which have taken place in the USA, Canada and Europe over the past decades and that they fully realize that their countries have been taken over by an occupation government which does not represent them. Do you think that kind of profile fits a wealthy person with a lot of disposable income available to make donations?  Of course not!  Many, maybe most, are barely making ends meet on their social security and/or retirement checks!  Oh, I am sure that there are wealthy people reading this blog, but for some reason only a very small number of them actually help me on a regular basis.  The sad and depressing reality is this: were it not for 3 (three!!!) kind donors I would not be able to run this blog the way I do it.

Here I want to make a special appeal to those who, by the will of God, are not living from paycheck to paycheck. Friends, I *know* that you are reading this blog simply because statistical averages tell me that in the 1-3 MILLION pages served each month here, some must be read in beautiful homes and elegant offices, right?  Okay, well then, let me submit the following to you: God has given you the means to easily do that which hundred of thousands of your fellow readers cannot.  There are A LOT of “poor widows” out there who donate to me “in all that they have, even all their living” (the vast majority of donations are less than 5 dollars).  You know that my efforts are aimed at counter-acting multi-billion dollar propaganda campaigns (special appropriations for that have been passed in many western countries recently!) and you expect me to counter that with donations coming only from poor widows?  Really?

The bottom line is this: I hate doing these appeals, I always feel deeply embarrassed and I wish I had a way to never, ever, have to ask for anything, especially not money.  But the reality is what it is: I badly need your help especially in a context where a major war is a very real possibility (have I not been warning about that since 2014!?).

Please click here on the big “Support the Saker” button on the right, or go directly here: and send me the “ammunition” I need to fight this battle and this war.  Make a difference!  Join the struggle!  Hit back!  Resist!

Thank you,

The Saker

Source: The Saker
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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