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Saint Petersburg - Russia's Glittering Jewel (Video)

You just can’t get enough of this city…


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The city of Peter the Great, cultural capital of Russia, Venice of the North, Northern Palmyra… Once there, you cannot help but be seduced by its charms. Its beauty and rather European character makes it stand out from other Russian cities.

Saint Petersburg is usually compared with Moscow: both are still considered Russian capitals. But they are absolute opposites. Moscow is traditional and conservative, Saint Petersburg modern, artistic and liberal.

It has always amused me how residents of both capitals argue with each other over whose city is best. But for me, they are both captivating in their different ways.

It’s almost impossible to reproduce the atmosphere of Saint Petersburg with words. One should just feel it one’s self: beautiful squares, moveable bridges, narrow canals, lovely small buildings with patios typical only for Saint Petersburg, roofs with unforgettable views, and a freshening wind blowing from the Gulf of Finland. You just can’t get enough of it. Every time the city opens up from a different side.

Watch how unusual and even more charming it looks from the air!

So if you’re truly interested in Russia, its history and culture, visiting Saint Petersburg is a big must.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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