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It All Comes Crashing Down: Saakashvili Resigns as Governor of Odessa. Washington Has Lost Control

Saakashvili cuts and runs. Again. He didn't do it without permission from Washington. In other words: Poroshenko is toast. 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Former Georgian President (in exile) and current Ukrainian citizen and until just now governor of the southern Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili has resigned!

Why, you might ask? Because he "hates corruption". And probably has no appetite for eating yet another necktie while he wets his pants. Take the wheel, Reuters:


Saakashvili has since repeatedly accused the Kiev leadership of lacking a real commitment to reform.

Vowing to continue to fight corruption which he said went to the very top of Ukraine's establishment, he told journalists: "I have decided to tender my resignation and start a new stage of the fight. I am not giving up."

In a clear rebuke of Poroshenko, he said: "In reality, in Odessa region, the President personally supports two clans."

Addressing journalists alongside Odessa customs chief Yulia Marushevska, he said the work of reform-minded public officials had been thwarted by higher authorities in Kiev interested in preserving the status quo.

Mike was supposed to be one of those virtuous foreigners charged with fighting corruption/privatizing everything worth more than two hryvnia. He now joins an impressive list of western stooges who have been chased out of Ukraine:

In February, Economy Minister Earlier Aivaras Abromavicius, a Lithuanian, stepped down saying vested interests were blocking his ministry's work.

Later, a government shake-up booted US-born Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko and Western-backed Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk out of office. The appointment of Poroshenko ally Volodymyr Grosyman in his place was seen as a move by the president to consolidate power.

This isn't a sign that Saakashvili failed at his mission — we're sure he did everything he could to make Ukraine attractive to western "free markets" — but rather that Poroshenko is on his way out. Who knows, maybe Saakashvili is positioning himself for Porky's job. Either way, he didn't cut and run without Washington's approval.

Poroshenko is now as popular has Hepatitis B. Which makes you think: Is this Washington preparing for a Trump victory, which would likely mean the end of American support for Poroshenko's shit-stained regime?

Time will tell. Until then, enjoy this music video, which unfortunately we cannot find English subtitles for. It's mostly about Georgian people saying "goodbye" to Saakashvili, though. We look forward to the Ukrainian version.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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