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Russia's Syria Operation Was Lithe and Efficient Compared to West

Russia spent less on the Syrian operation than other countries on military campaigns


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Is the thirty-three billion rubles that Russia spent on the Syrian operation (according to Vladimir Putin) an astronomical figure or a reasonable amount. Let us compare Moscow’s expenditures with those of other countries on similar military campaigns.

We won’t compare today’s war in Syria with Napoleon’s wars, we’ll only take the last half century.  

<figcaption>Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee</figcaption>
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

But we will count in the same currency, changing our 33 billion rubles into $0.45 billion (at the current exchange rate). It’s more difficult to count the expenses of the USSR in the Afghanistan war. We only know that the country spent 4-5 billion rubles a year, when the  exchange rate was higher (70 kopecks to 1$!). But we can say that the USSR spent about $60 billion on the Afghan campaign over 9 years. 

But if you study the table below, you will see that the Russian operation in Syria was not only relatively cheap, but very effective in terms of the results achieved with this money. In fact, Russia spent 6 times less than the USA did on the Syrian operation, and 6-7 times less than the USSR spent on the Afghan campaign (for a similar period). 

Expenses on the Syrian operation tuned out decent for Moscow comparing with the military campaigns of other countries   

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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