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Russia's Sixth-Generation Fighter Jet Will Meddle With Your Missiles

Russia is plotting to use lasers to destroy homing devices on freedom-loving missiles. Time for more sanctions?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Good morning from a Moscow suburb. Today is July 28, 2017, and there is a cornucopia of Russian meddling in the news for us to savor. 

Today's top headline: The Russians are plotting to meddle with our democratic missiles:

Russia’s sixth-generation fighter jets will be furnished with lasers capable of physically burning an enemy’s missile homing heads, Adviser to the First Deputy CEO of Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) Vladimir Mikheyev told TASS on Thursday.


"We already have laser protection systems installed on aircraft and helicopters and now we are talking about developments in the field of powered lasers that will be able to physically destroy attacking missiles’ homing heads," the adviser said.

"Roughly speaking, we’ll be able to burn out ‘the eyes’ of missiles that ‘look at us.’ Naturally, such systems will be installed on sixth-generation aircraft as well," he added.

According to Mikheyev, Russia's sixth-generation fighters will be used to lead drone-swarms into combat:

Sixth-generation fighter jets will perform ‘formation’ flights where one or two manned aircraft will fly alongside 20-30 drones that will be capable of carrying any weapons, Mikheyev said.

"One drone in a formation flight will carry microwave weapons, including guided electronic munitions while another drone will carry radio-electronic suppression and destruction means and a third UAV will be armed with a set of standard weaponry. Each specific task is solved by different armaments," he said.

The future of military technology certainly sounds enthralling. But how will Russia compete with the sixth-generation, $100 trillion-dollar F-36?

More meddling:

  • The Russian Air Force will remain in Syria for at least another 49 years. [Novinite]
  • Putin not impressed by "smart wristband". [RBTH]
  • Senate votes for new sanctions against Russia. We await Moscow's response. [Guardian]
  • This is some sneaky KGB sneakiness: "Operatives linked to Russian intelligence used fake Facebook accounts to surveil associates of French President Emmanuel Macron ahead of his election in May, according to a new report." [CBS]
  • Russia has a modest proposal for the US and its allies. [Washington Post]

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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