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Ukraine Might Arrest Russian Singer For Being a Beardless Lady Who Visited Crimea Once

Meet Russia's "provocative" Eurovision contestant: Yulia Samoylova, a lady with no man parts who visited Crimea once

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Moscow has caused shock and outrage across Europe after it announced that an actual lady not named after a sausage who visited Crimea once will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest to be held in Kiev. 

Does Putin have no shame?

<figcaption>Visited Crimea and is an actual lady? She is not compatible with European values.</figcaption>
Visited Crimea and is an actual lady? She is not compatible with European values.

As the Washington Post tells it:

A particularly chauvinistic drumbeat is crescendoing around this year’s festival in Kiev: Ukraine said Monday that it may bar Russia’s contestant from entering, on the grounds that she illegally toured Crimea after Moscow annexed the peninsula in 2014. Or, it may arrest her.


[Yulia] Samoylova, who has used a wheelchair since childhood, will perform “Flame is Burning,” which has an upbeat message more in the spirit of Eurovision’s historical mission than “1944,” Jamala’s 2016 winner.


The Russian singer could face up to three years in prison “for breaching the order of entering the temporary occupied territories of Ukraine and leaving them for the purpose of infringing the interest of the state.”

A woman in a wheelchair singing an upbeat, apolitical song? Someone get the handcuffs.

We very much appreciated the Kremlin's response to this insanity:

Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s spokesman shot back, telling reporters “practically everyone has been to Crimea,” and that it was “absolutely unacceptable” for Ukraine to politicize the contest.

The Russian really know how to rub it in. 

A Russian television program on Sunday said that Yulia Samoylova is living proof that “neither age nor physical limitations can be a hindrance if people want to achieve something”.

Is that a not-so-subtle swipe at Poroshenko?

Good luck, Yulia. We do not look forward to the photographs of ten dozen Ukrainian border officers tackling you. But we guess this is the price all Russian singers must pay, simply for being Russian. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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