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Russia’s Marines Celebrate 311 Years of Naval Excellence (VIDEO)

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a spectacular compilation of video of naval infantry in training to celebrate 311 years since the founding of the Marine Corps.

The footage shows the troops and vehicles performing landings from vessels, live fire drills, hand-to-hand combat and other combat tasks.

“Formed three centuries ago by Peter I, the Marines throughout all these years displayed courage and heroism in defending the Fatherland, thereby proving their necessity and importance,” the ministry said in the description to the video.

“The Russian Marines are the elite of the country’s armed forces… Currently, all its units are persistently improving their battle capabilities, being in constant readiness to perform tasks they’re intended for,” it added.

The Marines Day is celebrated by the Russian military on November 27. On this day in 1707, Russian Tsar Peter the Great signed a decree establishing a naval infantry unit, with the country beginning its push for access to the Baltic and Azov Seas.

Source: RT
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