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Russia's Jehovah’s Witnesses Ban Is an Assault on the Dignity of Each and Every Russian

If these are 'extremists' the world could use a few million more

About 300 Germans were executed by the Third Reich during WWII because they refused to serve in the armed forces as conscientious objectors. About 250 of them were Jehovah's Witnesses.

Now Russia, which lost untold millions to The Reich, has banned their church as an "extremist organization".

Are Jehovah's Witnesses extremists? Of course they are. Extremely brave, extremely modest, and extremely persistent.

So as their courage set them eons apart from an average servile German of the 1940s, so their manners and industry are quite unknown to an average Slavic Russian, and their wisdom far in excess of that of the pigheaded obrazovanshchina manning the benches of Russia's judiciary.

Oh yes, they're also millennialist kooks who stash boats atop hills, refuse blood donations, give tons of money to their church, and all too often cut themselves off from their families and the outside world. And so what?

How is what they chose to do with their lives any of anyone else's business? Is Russia a free country where a man is to be free to pick his own cult, or is it to be a Saudi Arabistan where tax-feeding apparatchiki "protect" dumb serfs from unfamiliar teachings?

There is no doubt which Russia the "extremists" prefer. And there is no doubt who the real "extremists" are here. There is only one side here which will shut the other down by force. Only one of the sides will if "necessary" beat the other with truncheons, throw them in cells, and steal their belongings.

Say what you want about the Jehovah's, but I've never heard of a Jehovah's panzer division invading a neighboring country. I've never heard of a Jehovah's airborne regiment occupying a foreign city. I've never heard of Jehovah's setting up a forced labor camp, a prison, a police force, a court, or a tax collection service.

But they sure are annoying with their knocking on doors, and they are kind of weird.

So let's all cheer for nasty little Berias as they cut down on freedom of conscience and association for 150 million Russian citizens instead? I for one will not, and neither should you. Give me kooks over parasites any given day. And for that matter give me devoted pacifists over cowardly tyrants.

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