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Russia's Athletes Need to Lawyer up and Sue the Xenophobic Pants off WADA and the IOC

Dear Russian athletes: Hit the gym. Lawyer up. Bankrupt the World Anti-Doping Agency. Profit.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

You know what's funny? When a cabal of dirtbags manufacture a bogus report accusing a nation of systematic, state-sanctioned doping, leading to blanket bans against entire Olympic teams — including an all-inclusive ban on a nation's entire roster of paralympians.

It gets even more funny though. Months after the ban is put in place, and the media moves on to the next sensational claptrap accusation, the cabal of dirtbags meekly admit that their manufactured, bogus report could never stand up in a court of law. Or even a standard disciplinary hearing. It would even be thrown out by a kangaroo court run by the same dirtbags we keep referring to.

<figcaption>Hit the gym. Lawyer up. Bankrupt WADA. Profit. </figcaption>
Hit the gym. Lawyer up. Bankrupt WADA. Profit.

This is what has just happened to Russia's athletes. They have been maligned, smeared and collectively punished, simply for being Russian. And the International Olympic Committee just admitted it.


We are blessed to have many thoughtful commenters here at Russia Insider. Here is how veteran commenter AMHants responded to the news that the IOC is a committee of finks:

Does that mean that a lot of Russian able and disabled athletes will be going to the courts against the actions of the World Anti-Doping Agency and their International Olympic Committee pals? I hope so. Hit them where it hurts, in the their wallets.

Commenter-comrade “tom” followed up with this suggestion:

If it can be legally established that the bans were unjustified and unfair, the total amount of damages ought to be enormous. Just think of the harm to each and every athlete, multiplied by their number - and then the harm to the reputation of Russia, its sporting institutions, those who run them, Russian drug-testing administration and experts... Yes, it should add up to a tidy sum.

But retribution must not stop there. After all, it's the Americans who (falsely) believe that everything has its value in dollars and cents. If humanly possible, the political instigators of this ant-Russian pogrom should be dug up and exposed to the light of day.

We couldn't agree more. In fact, we suspect that big-time litigation is coming soon.

As Mark Chapman wrote back in August —

Which brings me to my favourite part – the legal implications. The McLaren Report is careful not to name names for public consumption, because WADA fears getting sued by individuals. As well it might. So McLaren prefers to leave the oomph of his report to a statement that it proves there is a state sponsored doping program in Russia which is known and countenanced by the highest levels of government. And he’s said that, on a number of occasions, and the press has dutifully repeated it. It’s basically the most damaging finding of the McLaren Report.

Which is why it would be odd for him to say that WADA has no evidence of a state-sponsored doping program. Like he did here, after the report came out. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian president Vladimir Putin, said Tuesday that “as long as there is no evidence [of state-sponsored doping in Russia], it is difficult to consider the accusations, which appear rather unfounded.” How do you respond to that?

McLaren: Dmitry’s correct. We don’t have any evidence of a systematic, state-wide doping mechanism. If we did, we would have published it and so we have to go on the inference. But across a vast country [with] all sorts of different training camps, it has to be somehow state supported but we can’t actually describe for you how that operates. We can only draw the inference. We’ve given them a chance to reform, so why don’t you reform and join the rest of the world instead of fighting it.

Nice. A blanket ban based on a self-described hunch. We're sure that would play out well in court.

What exactly can WADA say in its defense? “It was just a prank, bro”?

The west is obsessed with wrongful discrimination, so we imagine each and every Russian athlete prevented from attending the Rio Games because they are Russian will receive proper compensation.

If there's any justice in the world, WADA and the IOC will be lucky to have a kopeck left after they're finished paying out this encyclopedia of cash settlements.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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