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Russians Are Very Skeptical of Immigration, Do Not Want Migrants Who Won't Assimilate

Russians want tolerance, integration and good relations for native ethnic minorities, but do not want any newcomers if they will rock the boat

Data from European Social Survey Round 8 (2016) via Alexandre Afonso (h/t Emil):

In ordered form:

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Russia might not as hardcore as Czechia or Hungary, but it’s still way more skeptical of alien immigration than the European average. Israel, Poland, Italy, Estonia, and Austria round off Europe’s based leagues.

Meanwhile, all the usual suspects are also where they should be… down to Sweden Yes “surpassing” everyone else.

This is encouraging, since it shows that implicit ethnonationalism is as much of a trend as in any other random East European country. If/when competitive politics return to Russia, the result will be an Orban, a Zeman, a Netanyahu, a Salvini, not some Sorosite cuck that neoliberalism.txt hopes for.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to highlight this poll.

First, polls in which Russia can be compared to other European countries in detail are relatively rare. For instance, Russia doesn’t participate in Eurobarometer.

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Second, commenter Polish Perspective has been latching on to one particular PEW poll [123] in which Russians say they “are better off living in a diverse society” (as opposed to Czechia, Poland, Hungary, who prefer a “homogeneous society”) to argue that Russians are “more cucked on immigration/diversity” than Visegrad.

But this poll confirms melanf’s counterargument: “For Russia this is a completely false interpretation of the survey about “diversity”. In Russia a strong anti immigrant mood, but absolutely normal relations with indigenous peoples, Finno-Ugric, Turkic, etc. origin. As an analogy – imagine if the feelings of the people of Bern for the people of Geneva would be interpreted as love of the Swiss for African migrants.”

And as I have argued in numerous posts, these “based” sentiments in Russia are almost certainly stronger amongst youth than amongst the elderly (nationalist share of the vote rises, communist share of the vote falls with decreasing age). This would also reflect Polish Perspective’s observation on trends in Poland.

So I suppose this is a whitepill of sorts.

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