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Russian TV Says Alleged Spy Maria Butina a Pawn in Mueller's RussiaHoax (Video)

The America propaganda machine says she had the keys to the White House, but what really happened? 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

In response to Trump's extremely productive meeting with Putin in Helsinki, the Deep State has created a distraction in the form of arresting Marina Butina, a pro-gun Russian student and activist in America, on the dubious accusation of sleeping her way to information in Washington. 

Here's an interesting video from Russian TV's New York correspondent on why she's probably just a pawn in the whole RussiaHoax.

Transcript follows: 


Again, back to the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the USA. Trump managed to predict the reaction of the Democratic media and politicians: It was negative and hysterical. They practically accused Trump of treason for his courtesy and politeness. An hour ago, the speaker of the lower house of Congress Paul Ryan said the States are ready to consider new sanctions against Russia. But there's more. Coincidentally, right after the Helsinki meeting, a Russian citizen was arrested in the US.

Valentin Bogdanov with the details on who needed a new victim and why.

For Donald Trump's opponents, the whole spectrum of the US-Russian relations regarding the key issues fits in a server box carelessly handled by Hillary Clinton. The only outcome of the Helsinki summit they would've accepted is Moscow apologizing for the mythical Russian hackers. There were no apologies, which means Trump is a loser and a traitor. However, the President himself thinks otherwise. “While I had a great meeting with NATO I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin. Sadly, it's not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy!”

The head of the White House was ready for that as he said in his interview with FOX.

Donald Trump, US President: "We were talking about nuclear non-proliferation Syria, humanitarian aid, and many other things. And they were asking us about the witch hunt. I don't think our people will buy that but the reporters would like to give it a shot. I believe President Putin is very strong."

Trump, who knows how to sense the mood and the needs of his voters, has also become stronger recently. His tough stance on illegal migration, economic growth, and his successful tax reform had a positive effect on his rating. During the last six months, Trump's approval rating grew up to 43%. The Congress midterms are coming up this fall which means the Democrats need to act quickly. That's the main reason the liberal media are so mad about the summit in Finland. Mean caricatures, offensive headlines, and comments like "we're doomed."

“President Trump seems to be more interested in talking about the Democrat server than what Russia actually did. That's basically pure capitulation: standing right in front of Putin and saying that he sees no reason for Russia to try to destroy our democracy.”

The commission of Special Counsel Mueller announced its well-timed charges pressed against the 12 Russians accused of hacking. The US President ignored their advice to be rough with Putin. They're browsing through our shows searching for a sign of Trump's defeat.

The American Ministry of Justice doesn't share Trump's attitude. While President Trump was in Helsinki, they signed the arrest warrant for Maria Butina. The Russian citizen is accused of being an unrevealed foreign agent, almost a spy, according to the US laws.

“The court filings detail the Russian officials' and Butina's efforts for Butina to act as an agent of Russia inside the United States.”

Butina is the perfect victim: As a student of a University in Washington, she openly associated with a pro-Conservative National Rifle Association. Those who pressed the charges believe she was acting as an agent of Moscow. Last year, Butina attended the Prayer Breakfast where Trump was present. In 2015, she even asked him a question in Las Vegas even though the cameras didn't catch her.

Maria Butina: “If you become the President, which direction of foreign policy will you chose, especially in dealing with Russia?”

Donald Trump: “Obama gets along with nobody. I believe that Putin and I will have great relations. We don't need sanctions. I truly believe we'll get along.”

A couple of months ago, the girl willingly testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. She spent eight hours answering their questions. "Why didn't they press charges then?" wonder those who knew Butina when she was just beginning to study world politics, taking first steps in her home Barnaul.

Konstantin Yemeshin, former president of Real Politics School: "She's been studying in the US for two or three years now, why did they act on this specific day? Why wasn't she accused a year ago? Why did they time it to the Helsinki summit? They want to have a new coverage opportunity to promote."

The Russian embassy in Washington has already engaged in the situation. Our diplomats are trying to get consular access to the detained Russian citizen. Tomorrow, the Federal Court of District Columbia will hold the first hearing in Butina's case in Washington. According to the charges, Butina could face up to five years in prison.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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