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Russian TV Puts CNN to Shame with Brilliant Coverage of Trump Inaugural and Protests (VIDEO)

One of Russia's top journalists, Dimitri Kiselyov, expertly breaks down what Trump means for Russia and the world

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Here's what "state-controlled Russian media" looks like. 

Dimitri Kiselyov is one of the most watched and trusted TV journalists in Russia. He hosts a program on Sundays, "Vesti Nedeli" ("News of the week"). Kiselyov covers events in a very direct and non-nonsense style, and has a way of making the viewer feel he is speaking directly to him. His analyses are intelligent and usually quite accurate - if frequently politically incorrect by western standards.

<figcaption>What western media should be, but isn't</figcaption>
What western media should be, but isn't

In fact, so powerful and effective are Kiselyov's reports that the flustered British Bull***t Corporation (BBC) awarded him the monikers "Russia's spin doctor" and "chief propagandist."

Here's how Kiselyov covered President Donald Trump's inauguration on last Sunday's broadcast. He talked about not only the hopeful signs in Trump's message, but also the deep division in the US over his election:

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The charge that Kiselyov merely serves as a mouthpiece for the Kremlin is hardly substantiated. In fact, on Donald Trump, Kiselyov is notably more optimistic in his appraisal than the official statements coming from the likes of Putin, Medvedev, and Lavrov, who have all counseled caution in expecting good things from America's new president. 

In this following report, Mr. Kiselyov brilliantly castigated the anti-Trump protestors in Washington as having no real argument. He also talked about Trump's deemphasizing of NATO in favor of bilateral relations:

If this is what the western mainstream media calls "Russian propaganda," what should the despicable reportage of the likes of CNN and BBC be termed, except bald-faced falsification and lies?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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