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Russian State to Support Truth in Mass Media

Russia president has vowed to support credible media at a forum devoted to the subject of Russian press

At the Truth and Justice Second Media Forum of Independent Local and Regional Media on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged his support for both government-owned and private media. Russia’s president also went a step further to challenge all media to reach toward high credibility standards. His message is timely, given the western mainstream media's apparent lack of credibility recently.

The president made the statement before the forum organized by  the Russian Popular Front, the political support organization made up of those who support his policies but choose not to join any particular political party. In response to a complaint of an independent journalist working for a private company, Mr. Putin addressed the disparity in state-owned versus independent media subsidies. The reporter told Putin:

<figcaption>The Truth and Justice Second Media Forum of Independent Local and Regional Media.</figcaption>
The Truth and Justice Second Media Forum of Independent Local and Regional Media.

“We are surviving on our own during the crisis and we have found ourselves in completely non-market conditions.”

Vladimir Putin listens to journalist's input (Kremlin)
Vladimir Putin listens to journalist's input (Kremlin)

State supported media receive such benefits as low office or facilities rents, along with subsidized transportation and other perks. In answer to the complaint, Putin quickly retorted:

 “We must develop the system of support that would help everyone. Your job is to ensure that the problems that exist everywhere in our country be resolved in a civilized fashion."

He went on to applaud the Russian Popular Front with regard to ongoing regional support, and mentioned the organization’s direct access to the cabinet and the president. Putin suggested the “system” be used more efficiently and broadly in order to assist media more actively. Despite this, Mr. Putin supported prevention of abuses by “various forces”. Putin continued:

“We must surely push for the situation when no one would even attempt to use the mass media to achieve some business ends or any other interests not connected with the objectives of society or the regions”.

Putin vows to support truthful state and independent media in Russia
Putin vows to support truthful state and independent media in Russia

The Russian president went on to criticize media outlets that allow an excessive amount of advertising. He chastised unnamed newspapers for being “spots for ads”, rather than hubs of information. Putin went on to discuss such issues as credibility, monetization of media, business news and interdependence, and other key information/communications issues facing Russian media. He even went so far as to accuse business of “buying off” unwanted press, something the world has rarely heard from a notable state leader. If transparency in government is even a valid concept any more, Putin’s revelation to this group is a vivid characterization of what is wrong with ALL world media today. As for lending financial, legislative, and general support for all media, Putin gave this assurance:

“For my part, I assure you that I will do everything I can to support you.”

For more on Russia's Popular Front please visit the Wikipedia article here

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