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Regarding Doping Scandal, Russia Should Go on the Offensive

'If we are silent now, it will mean that we accept everything and they will continue to humiliate us'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A famous Russian economist, left-leaning politician and prominent media personality comments on the developing doping scandal that threatens to exclude the Russian team from the 2016 Rio summer Olympics on Russian national broadcaster TV Center

If someone slaps you in the face, you need to respond. Russia too should respond.

<figcaption>"This is not politics, it is insolent, cynical aggression."</figcaption>
"This is not politics, it is insolent, cynical aggression."

But all doping tests are under international control. If the scary, monstrous FSB really bribed international officials, then why are these officials not being investigated? Where are the names of the international anti-doping officials who took all these samples for testing and reported that everything was okay?

The statement seems to be unfounded: it declared that they were absolutely sure, that they had proof; but there was no proof. Let’s remember that two years ago, they were absolutely sure that it was Russia and pro-Russian forces that shot down MН-17 Ukraine. The same aplomb, the same assurance, the same “proof”. But now it has all disintegrated. No one is talking about it. And as soon as our General Staff started posing questions, they called off the propaganda campaign.

So we need to ask a few questions. Our defector, who was once a brilliant doctor, but apparently sold out for a green card – fine, but he needs to provide the names of the international officials who, it turns out, were our agents. Until they provide that, it will only be a slap in the face. And we need to respond to that. If we are having a cold war over sports…

As the favorite character of the American president says: “If you don’t like the way the table is set, turn it over.” Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We spent a huge amount of money on it. If they discriminate against us, they can host the World Cup in their own countries, wherever they like, even on the South Lawn of the White House.

It’s about the country’s prestige. If we are silent now, it will mean that we accept everything and they will continue to humiliate us. If we had responded to the economic sanctions against us in 2014, this would not have happened. Remember that they did this because we stopped the bloodshed in Ukraine, by arranging the Minsk Accords. If we had responded to the sanctions with real counter-sanctions back then, which would not have harmed the West, no one would dare open his mouth now, and all the sanctions would have been lifted.

This is not politics, it is insolent, cynical aggression. First, we need to file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice. Right now. Then, we need to declare that this is a crime against the Russian Federation, a slander, under the Criminal Code. All the international officials who are involved in this slander should be brought to our courts, and our courts should rule that they are criminals, and they must be sent to prison. We need to tell them: “Gentlemen, if you unleash a cold war against us in sports, we will respond in kind”.

WADA is a bureaucratic organization, and bureaucrats hate scandals.

This is mainstream Western Russophobic policy. We need to state, maybe during talks: “Guys, if you expel us, the boycott will be mutual, and we will invest the money we spent on this event in mass sports but not separate athletes who train no one knows where.

Today’s WADA report didn’t foreclose anything; it declared war. And the war has gone to a whole new level. Last November, it was about us being expelled from the International Association of Athletics Federations. We stomached that. But now they want to exclude us from the Olympics. If we tolerate that, and pretend that nothing has happened, they can do it. If we say: “Well, guys, if you want a blockade – we’re ready”, there will be a scandal, not only in relation to the Olympics, but also in other areas, and we will prevail.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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