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Russian Political Party Trolls Obama and Kerry by Sending Thank-You Cards

Stamped envelopes are sent out to the White House and Foggy Bottom, RSVP


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

In identical letters sent to the US President Obama and Secretary of State, the head of Russia’s Great Fatherland Party Nikolai Starikov thanked the two American statesmen for promoting Russian-Crimean unity by their propaganda, and spurring the development of Russian agriculture and industry by their sanctions.

These certificates of gratitude in Russian and in English were sent out to Washington DC by Russian patriots

“We thank you, the US President, for not sparing your taxpayer's money for the rebirth of Russian patriotism”, goes the letter to Barack Obama. Tireless US propaganda in Ukraine did make the Crimeans feel ever more Russian laying the ground for the reunification:

<figcaption>We couldn't have done it without you</figcaption>
We couldn't have done it without you

“We thank you again for keeping the war outside the Russian peninsula.”

If only because of this, the Nobel Peace Prize Obama received in 2009 is fully justified.

Special thanks go to the US President for imposing economic sanctions on Russia two years ago. Sanctions created the foundations for the import replacement policy and rejection of foreign credits by the Russian economy. 

“We are certain that US statements about the sanctions against Russia staying in effect until the Crimean peninsula is returned to Ukraine (meaning, forever), won't change”,

it continues, eхplaining that this will ensure full recovery of state sovereignty. 

“Thank you for helping us, Russian citizens, to face the future with certainty and to develop all 85 members of the Russian Federation, from Crimea to Far East”, it concludes.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry is particularly singled out for shaping his country’s policy vis-a-vis the Ukraine.

“It is your support of the state coup in Ukraine, your indulgence of Russophobia, and allowing of cultural, and even physical genocide of Donbass residents by new Ukrainian authorities, that helped accelerate the Crimea homecoming process <...> It is to a large extent thanks to the US Department of State and your personal efforts that for the first time since 1991, Russia has rooted new territories, gaining two new subjects - the Crimean Republic and the city of Sevastopol.” 

Not that Kerry’s role in the revival of the Russian economy through sanctions is neglected:

“We got a much needed boost that had been impossible during the service of your predecessors, who did everything possible to keep Russia fully dependent on Western policy.”

Both letters are signed:

All-Russia "The Great Fatherland Party" (GFP) Chair: Nikolai Viktorovich Starikov

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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