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Russia Promises to Rebuild Destroyed Syrian Churches

Looks like Russia is taking its roll as global protector of Christianity seriously.

Russia has been the only world power consistently and effectively calling attention to the calamity which has befallen Syrian Christians.  

<figcaption>100s of churches have been deliberately obliterated by US-supported Jihadis</figcaption>
100s of churches have been deliberately obliterated by US-supported Jihadis

The leading EU countries an the US have been conspicuously silent on the catastrophe.

From, the world's largest Orthodox Christian site:

“Of course we will take part in the restoration of churches, but first of all we must restore peace in the country,” Met. Hilarion (Alfeyev) said on Tuesday in a meeting with students of the Moscow State Linguistic University, reports Interfax-Religion.

“It’s hard to begin restoring churches when this or that territory is constantly changing hands,” he continued, assuring the students of the Russian Orthodox Church’s continuing support for war-torn Syria.

In his view, the top priority is “to restore civil peace in the country, and once and for all drive out the terrorists and then to begin to think about a program for restoring not only churches, but the entire infrastructure.”

The metropolitan also pointed out that the Russian Church has continually sent and implemented humanitarian aid in Syria.



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