Russian Military Police Begin Monitoring Ceasefire Near Golan Heights

Russian forces are now stationed 13 kilometers from the separation zone between Israel and Syria

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Russia has deployed military police to monitor two de-escalation zones being established in Syria, including one checkpoint near the Golan Heights, Moscow confirmed on Monday. 

Extreme Russian meddling
Extreme Russian meddling

Russian and Syrian soldiers are now manning two checkpoints and four observation posts in the Eastern Ghouta area east of Damascus. In southwest Syria near the Golan Heights, Russian soldiers are stationed at two checkpoints and 10 observation posts. 

"Thus, thanks to measures taken by the Russian Federation, we have managed to stop military action in two of Syria's most important areas," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Netanyahu has previously expressed support for a Russian buffer zone near the Golan Heights. However, Israel still claims that Iran is using the ceasefire to strengthen its presence in Syria. 

As usual, Moscow is taking active measures to end hostilities in Syria, while Washington screams about Evil Iran. 


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