The Russian Knights Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary (Video)

What will they be able to do with thrust vectoring?

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The Russian Knights are an aerobatics demonstration team of the Russian Air Force formed 25 years ago this month.

An older Su-27 with two newer Su-30 SM's with thrust vectoring

Based at the Kubinka Air Base 60 kilometers from Moscow, the Russian Knights perfect their skills in their Su-27 fighters.

And make no mistake, these are fighters, and preparing for war is their day job, though in reality the majority of time of these skilled pilots is spent practicing and making dazzling but peaceful aerobatic maneuvers in the sky.

The team is set to upgrade to Su-30 SM fighters, which, with the plane’s thrust-vectoring, will introduce all sorts of possibilities for even more extraordinary and breathtaking maneuvers for the team to wow audiences with.

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