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Here's the Difference Between Russian and Western Civilizations (Starikov)

From meddling, to confrontation, to outright genocide, Russia and the West are fundamentally different realms

Leading Russian public intellectual and politician Nikolai Starikov recently spoke about the fundamental differences between Russian and Anglo Saxon cultures.   

According to Starikov, the two civilizations have 'mental codes' that govern each one's collective behavior. Whereas Russians have traditionally been more inclined to view other people as equals, Anglo Saxons have always been more inclined to look upon others as inferiors. This poisonous mindset manifests itself in all kinds of evil, ranging from discrimination and demonization of others, to war, and even to campaigns of genocide.

If Russia is indeed more inclined to foster cooperation, partnership, and conflict resolution among peoples and nations, the West is more inclined to foster conflict, stir up strife, reap divisions, and instigate wars amongst various peoples to spread chaos and destruction. These are national proclivities - fundamental mindsets - which when adequately contemplated, go a long way in explaining the current conflict between the two sides throughout the world today.

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