Russian Hero Who Died to Liberate Palmyra (Video)

The special forces soldier who, rather than be captured by ISIS, directed fire on both himself and the enemy

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Lieutenant Aleksandr Prokhorenko

The momentous liberation of the ancient historic city of Palmyra in Syria was celebrated the world over, particularly as it served to sound the death knell of the barbarous ideology of ISIS. But tempering this victory was the sacrifice of one of Russia’s special forces soldiers acting as a forward observer directing the bombing by Russian aircraft during the battle.

The soldier, Aleksandr Prokhorenko, became compromised and the terrorists started to close in on him. Had this been a civilized enemy, Prokhorenko may have considered the option of honorable surrender. But knowing the spectacle that would be made of his capture, with the inevitable theatrically brutal execution, the young officer preferred to direct his pilots’ fire on himself, in the process killing himself as well as the enemy closing in on him.

His heroic actions could not help but provoke back in Russia, but also around the world, both admiration for his actions but also sadness for the loss. The young officer, only 25, was a father to be.

This news report visits his village and interviews those who knew and remembered him, giving an insight into the character of the young man who acted so heroically.

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