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Russian Farmer: Glory to the Sanctions!

Cheesemaker Oleg Sirota will celebrate the day sanctions were imposed with a festival of his products

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The West has extended sanctions against Russia, and Vladimir Putin has prolonged the food import embargo against the West in response. The farmer-cheesemaker Oleg Sirota, a staunch supporter of import substitution, wrote a new letter to Komsomolskaya Pravda.  

“Another day, another joy! “Prolong the separate special economic measures by Presidential Decree, from August 6th to December 31st 2017…”, - these two lines inspire joy not only in my heart.

<figcaption>Keep it up!</figcaption>
Keep it up!

Now we are building our own cowshed, and you can’t imagine how enthusiastic our builders are! Come and talk to them and they will confirm what they tell me: before, they built only car wash stations and malls. But following the implementation of counter-sanctions, they’ve been erecting industrial buildings and cowsheds, including mine! They say they finally feel that our country is seriously engaged in industrial and agricultural production!

My cowshed will soon be ready, and we’re also building a milking shed. My head is spinning with huge plans: right after this, I’m going to set up a communication system there and start buying cows (I’ll talk about these nice animals later).

We also need to order new boilers and a press. We are negotiating with our domestic manufacturers – so far we’re dealing with the problem of duplicating a tricky Swiss press - expecting to increase the output by 10 times! We need to produce 1 ton of cheese per day, whicih is one thousandth of the cheese we imported earlier from the European Union. I don’t know whether that’s a little or a lot, but we should be able to lower the price of cheese by 20 times!

On August 6th,,  the anniversary of the counter-sanctions, I’m going to throw a big cheese party! Long live the sanctions!” 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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