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Russian Engineers Built Bridge for Syrian Army Across the Euphrates Under Shelling

Now the real, armored-backed offensive can begin

Russian army engineers have built temporary bridge over the Euphrates at Deir Ezzor to help the Syrian army in the race for eastern Syria against US-backed SDF. Moreover they did so while under attack by ISIS shelling and mini drones:

The MARM small motorway panel bridge was erected in less than two days under continuous shelling, Head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Road Service Vladimir Burovtsev told reporters.

"Unmanned aerial vehicles were used. Explosive substances and grenades were falling on us from the air during the installation work. However, we have no losses. No injured or affected. Everything was erected in the set terms," he specified.

The Russians say the bridge could theoretically allow 8,000 cars to cross per day, and can support even the heaviest vehicles including tanks:

Ahead of the bridge’s construction, only the advance detachments of the Syrian army crossed the river with the use of pontoons. Now the main government forces are preparing for mass crossing of the Euphrates.

Now that the armor can cross as well the real offensive can begin.

We also know the Russians are present with the massive PMM-2M land-walking barges which were filmed being flown in two days ago (2 are shown with another 3 trucks waiting):



Two of these massive barges tied together can easily ferry over even a T-90 tank. They will give the Syrian-Russian offensive the ability to mount fast, surprise crossings over the Euphrates with heavy equipment at will. 

Check this video to see them in action in an exercise in Russia:


Finally, we can report that the Russian general Asapov who was killed in an ISIS shelling days ago was involved in river-crossing operations:


However, the Russians say the bridge was completed without casualties, and the general was struck while in a command post at Deir Ezzor air base.





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