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Russian Defense Ministry Presents Evidence of Turkey's Involvement in ISIS Oil Trade

The Russian Defense Ministry presents photos of oil convoys at the Syria-Turkey border

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Turkey's President-for-life said he would resign if it could be shown that his government was buying oil from ISIS. Well, the Russian Defense Ministry just established that oil tankers are, without a doubt, flowing into Turkey from Syria

The general staff has irrefutable evidence on Turkey's involvement in illegal oil trade. Moscow has called on Turkey to open access to the places where, according to the retrieved Russian intel, Daesh oil trade centers are located:

<figcaption>Shoygu unleashes a world of pain, again. Time to pack your bags, Erdogan?</figcaption>
Shoygu unleashes a world of pain, again. Time to pack your bags, Erdogan?

The western route leads to the Turkish ports in the Mediterranean, the northern — to Patma oil refinery, and the eastern — to Cazri transfer point.  

The ministry provided photographs of columns of oil fuel tankers on the Turkish-Syrian border. Fuel tankers with oil freely cross the border between Turkey and Iraq, according to Russia's General Staff. 

"Space recoinassance established that after crossing the border tanker trucks move further into Turkey," Rudskoy said. Then the oil is being delivered to third countries.

If Erdogan's government isn't complicit, why doesn't he stop it? And if there's nothing actually there, then surely Erdogan would be okay with a friendly inspection? 

"If there is nothing there — then the territories in question should be inspected," the Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov stressed. 

But that's not all — the Defense Ministry openly accused Erdogan and his family of involvement in the illegal trade

“Today, we are presenting only some of the facts that confirm that a whole team of bandits and Turkish elites stealing oil from their neighbors is operating in the region,” Antonov said, adding that this oil “in large quantities” enters the territory of Turkey via “live oil pipelines,” consisting of thousands of oil trucks.

“According to our data, the top political leadership of the country - President Erdogan and his family – is involved in this criminal business.”

(Although we're still waiting for definitive proof regarding Erdogan's direct link to this mess.)

Here's the video of the conference, in English:


Expect more of this.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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