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Russian Amateur Football Players Challenge the Disgraced National Team to a Game (Video)

The Euro Cup 2016 is over - but not for Russians

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More than 17,500 people signed a petition to disband the national football team addressed to the President Putin… 100,000… 300,000… Last Sunday when the European football championship ended, the number of petitioners stood at 800,000 and became major national news.

Russian football fans were outraged by the Russian team’s performance at the qualifying stage of the tournament, where they lost two games out of three with one draw and conceded more goals than any other team at this stage.

<figcaption>We'll at least put our hearts into it!</figcaption>
We'll at least put our hearts into it!

But not only this, instead of feeling ashamed for failing their compatriots, some of them obnoxiously threw a wild celebratory party in Monaco.

Of course, in the storms raging on social networks, the loud voice of Russian liberals is heard. “It’s the players’ private money; let them spend it as they wish.” And even: “The petition is a Kremlin ruse to distract people’s attention from lack of democracy and economic hardships!”

What a healthy state of pluralism we have in this country!

But the Russians are not just laying the burden of a difficult decision on their President. They are offering a solution!

A team of amateurs players are challenging the national team to a game. They are sure they will defeat them and then will go on to represent Russia on the world arena - for free!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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